Hoping 3 or 4 weeks will finishes my girls

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  1. I have 3, maybe 4 weeks at the most before i need to cut these down. I have been using Schulz Bloom plus (1 Gallon water/tsp Fert) every 10 day's.That 1 gallon feds 5 plants.They started the flowering stage 24 days ago. I also have been using molasses every other watering. I was hoping to get some suggestion and pointers on finishing with the best results.

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  2. I'm no expert, but i believe those are going to need to be up a bit longer than 4 weeks :/ why do you HAVE to cut them down?
  3. Probably FROST. :mad:

    I hate it so much.
  4. Where's your grow?
  5. Yo no me gusta growaro el marijano. Pero me gusta lear el websito.


  6. Proper grammer: "No me gusta plantar la mota, tambien me gusta lear el GC." But thats besides the point, what does that have to do with anything?

  7. hey bro if you aint got nothing nice to or constructive to say then STFU. take your bilingual ass back across the border and get an attitude adjustment. you gain no rep or respect with your stupid remarks. this guys bud looks great. its unfortunate he may have to pull them early because of frost. if it were me i would just try to find a way around it if i could. maybe encase it in something to insulate from the elements. or pump warmer air near the plant with a dryer hose, squirrel cage fan, and a portable heater. but to tell someone there weed looks weak when you dont even have proof of a successful grow is just stupid. go post your BS somewhere else pal. :devious:
  8. bro try to let them go longer than 3 weeks...

    most babies will survive past the first frost...
  9. I live in Massachusetts. It's been a bad year for any outdoor plants here. We had rain almost every day from the end of May, right up to the 2nd week of August. To be honest i don't think we had 2 sunny day's in a row till the end of August. Everything is behind here, I got half the yield out of my vegetable garden this year.I'm worried the frost will hit here before they are done....... As for the guy that has nothing good to say. Life is to short, Don't be a hater. Put that energy into something productive.
  10. Grassias
  11. Here are some new pics!!:smoking:

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  12. A lot longer than four weeks.
  13. lookin good hope you get to take more time for those girls! mine has been flowering for like 10 years it seems
  14. I know what you mean when you say 10 years, It's so hard to wait patiently. It wear's on you after awhile. I'm going to wait until i see frost in the forecast, Hopefully I'll get a few weeks into October.

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  15. dude you got some time to go and then you should cure and dry for a month....:rolleyes:
  16. Any bud is a good thing bro. flush a week before or 1 1/2 weeks and you'll be set. may be not fully mature but who the fuck cares? Its your bud man =]

  17. man i have the same delema my indicas started flowering way before my sativas and my first frost is expected oct 6th and they are in there preflower to flower stage not sure how many weeks probly 3 but there like 8feet tall 1 and a half inch stock

  18. Now the stress starts kicking in!!!!!! I think i get more Paranoia with every passing day.
  19. Your nute schedule is right on and the molasses is a good extra....you are doing exactly what you should, the rest is up to nature. They will probably need more than 4 weeks, but you never know. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded....;)

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