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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vegitarianpizza, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. this has been a bad day, i am really depressed. my girlfriend, someone i could probably spend the rest of my life with i found out, cheated on me. life feels so hopeless right now. im not one to be suicidal but it was very tempting today. typing this nor words can express my emotions right now. mods can delete this if they want i guess cause this is just a rant.
  2. im so sorry man. i know it sux, ive been there. smoke the good smoke man.

  3. I know what you mean my friend..

    Let it be your wife that you have kids with and you think everything is so perfect cheat on you..

    For the next few days, you'll think of every reason that you shouldn't carry on so this will happen again..

    Believe me when I say this is not the end of the world as you know it... This will make you stronger and more knowledgeable about the future of people that you are around.. Turn this into a lesson learned and put it behind you for future refference..

    This is not easy. You may be in shock and dismay. You will get over it and be ahead of the game in the future so that you will know what to look for with other G/F's or even with this one if you decide to over ride lifes kicks in the face...

    Good karma and great wishes of a better future...
  4. thx BH i needed tht..what makes it worse is it was a former friend who i never really hurts to think someone u care so much abotu cheats on u with someone u consider scum
  5. Well it's better to be someone you don't really like, than it be your best friend...

    It happened with me to a person I didn't really know and didn't like and to a close friend of mine...

    Forgive and have a happy heart, rather than have a heavy heart and can't deal with it...

    You are the better person...
  6. all i can say is listen to BH man, hes a smart guy. Youll get over this sooner than you think. In a few months, looking back on this, youll have a completly new outlook.
  7. yeah BH i really appreciate the advice and i am recooperating from this. i am turnin this into a lesson learned. Also im gettin 2 grams of some kb tmw so i guess its startin to turn around.. but i think i can safely say im not ever going to fully recover from this loss unless i can find another girl i think i can spend the rest of my life with.
  8. deez bitches...

    ..i feel you man
  9. vp, i can GARAUNTEE YOU there is another girl out there you can spend your life with. There are plenty. 7 billion people in this world, no way theres only one for each of us. the key though man, take your time. this one didnt work out. the biggest mistake you could make right now is going out and immediately getting really serious with the next person you meet and deciding shes now "the one"

    though i can promise you she is out there for you, finding here isnt going to be simple. Its not going to happen over night. When she comes though bud, you will know. Grab hold and never let go!

    the best of luck my man! We all feel for ya. If you need any moral support, you got a strong backing here bud.

    ~~Sexy Blonde Girlfriend Karma~~
  10. dude, i feel your pain

    my fiancé left me after two years for a female thats 150 lbs heavier, and a foot shorter....

    I'm 270, at 6'3"

  11. are you a guy or a chick?
  12. Just a bit of humor on this situation..

    There is a new woman born every minute......

    You just have to wait 18 years for
  13. i know how u feel man. my only good advise to you is DO NOT GO ON A DRUG BINGE!! they're hard as hell to stop, i know from experience. jus keep cool n smoke a blunt or 2.


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