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  1. Alright... So I have 12 plants that are 16 days into flowering. There are 2 of those 12 that are dropping lower fan leafs like crazy and all of them look like the ones in the pictures. Almost like it's working it's way up the plant or something. Pretty positive this isn't some sort of nutrient deficiency or something of that nature so it has me kind of worried what it could be that it could possibly be some sort of fungus God forbid..
    Any thoughts on what this could be I would appreciate it so much. This is the worst time for something like this to happen being 2 weeks into flower I would love to get it fixed asap...
    Thanks guys...[​IMG]

    Also posted this in Indoor Growing before I saw the sick plants forum, I apologize.
  2. Is this an outdoor grow because those holes ain't natural
    Somethings having a bite.

    Also there's some nitro tox visible but that's not the culprit here. I think bugs are. Look very carefully under leaves with a light and if you got it a magnifier.

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  3. Yes it's an indoor grow, it's going on with just the 2 plants out of the 12 I have, the 2 right next to each other. Really appreciate your reply, just so worried it's some sort of fungus and hoping it's only a bug issue, if anyone ever hopes for that lol.

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  4. Second that you have a bug issue, i had flea beetles bad this spring leaves looked similar at least the swiss cheese holes, although mine were outside, i dusted the ground and leaves with diatomaceous earth problem solved..
  5. Thanks so much guys... going to get one of those Hot Shot No-Pest Strip things and also possibly a couple nice sticky fly strips to put up also tomorrow... Would be so relieved if that's all the issue is and not some kind of fungus. Thanks again!

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  6. Damascus earth as stated above is great
    Also most products by SAFER are safe to use just do a little research

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