Hopefully I'm getting another job tomorrow!

Discussion in 'General' started by Toxy, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Yup. Called my local pool for lifeguard training a week ago with no answer, so then yesterday I got a call from them telling me to go to there lifeguard meeting tomorrow at 5:45PM for a guaranteed job. :D

    Only problem is that I may not have a ride (car is in the shop), and I'm not sure if I'll have my check by tomorrow for the $85 in training fee... :(

    I think everything will go okay though, I have faith. Send me good vibes guys! :wave:

    Never thought about lifeguarding until this year for some reason: Seems like an easy job, eh?
  2. Good luck! I know exactly how you're feeling about the money and ride.. If You're luck is as good as mine, it will all mysteriously come together
  3. Well, it looks like I can't find a ride all the way out there :( I'm super bummed...
  4. Good luck man (or lady)! It's always good to see someone getting a job in this shit economy.
  5. NVM!!! Called the last person I had in mind to help me and she said she could :D So fucking happy right now :love::D:D:D

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