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Hope your happy critter!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. What a week, spent sunday lounging in the sun trying to shake off the winter blues. Then temperature was around 75, today the high was 55 and that was at 6:30 am. Wind blowing at 25 mph and the temp dropping steadily. Going to be 18 tonight and a good hard freeze. Critter i hope you are enjpying your summer.
  2. We were just having lovely weather ourselves these past couple of days. :(

    Then last night we had about 8 inches dumped on us. Pretty, but it’s 30 miles one way to work for me. (yippeeee)

    It made for some breath taking scenes on the way home from work. So much so that I busted out the ol' POS digital camera from hybernation.

    (Probably the cheapest one to be bought brand new. Which is why it was not being used much)

    The pictures are really low quality, but I was able to enhance them (good ol' paint shop) so they're at least recognizable.

    This picture includes a tree damaged by our resent ice storm (you know, before the nice weather hit). Now it has a few hundred pounds of snow tugging it down again.

    Notice how close they are to the snow covered car in the lower right? (Time to move the car?)

    This is out to my father in law's place. I was aiming for something pretty (I can always crop out the burn barrel and car), but hell. Can't ask too much from a $60 digital camera.

    Attached Files:

  3. Being a weatherman has GOT to be the best in the world!! You don't EVER have to be right, and if you are, people think you're a freakin' genius!!! Just wait 5 minutes BigPoppaPuff, the damn weather will change again!! :smoke: budburner, ya livin' in a (no pun intended) picts.!! :smoke: :smoke: :smoking:
  4. We almost posted at the same time.

    All of a sudden your post magically appeared!

  5. WHOOOOAAH!! on my screen they were the other way around for a moment!! Coooool effect as I'm BLAZED UP and LIKING IT!! :smoking: :hippie: :smoking:
  6. Big Poppa

    It's going to get down to 18 tonight here too. Tommorrow only 32 for the high. It made it to 72 here yesterday.

    Too cold to work tommorrow so i'll stay home and smoke a few.
  7. Got down to 14 last night. 2 inches of snow on the ground this morning. A good day to smoke and stay at home!
  8. Nothin' keeps ya warm like Blazing Herb!! Had to bring in the dogs and plants, left water runnin' but still broke a pipe!! :smoking:

  9. We made it up to 39 today and overnight down to 22. Normal high is 66 for today. The worst part is the wind, steady wind all day long around 10 to 20 mph and gusts as strong as 25 mph. I've been out working on a drill rig today and its was miserable. Cold, wet, muddy, windy!!!!! Hydraulics froze up so we shut down till friday on the rig.

    Critter I had a full moon too! Glad you remembered because I was going to ask you to. My full moon set this morning in the WNW horizon. Good thing about waking up early.. you get to see the moon set and the sun rise.
  10. changes in latitude, changes in attitude. - Jimmy Buffet, (another famous Alabamian for you mr somkyokie)
  11. Sounds like ya mighta' jynxed ya'self critter!Here in the swamps we have 3 weather pattern's wet, raining, and humid!! :smoking:
  12. got down to 18 last night. Sitting in bed thinking about hanky-panky with the Mrs. (note: I said THINKING not doing the hanky-panky) when she says "we got to move the plants in. So here I go out side into the cold night air in my skivvies moving a bunch of plants that she paid about $2.00 so they wouldn't freeze. Didn't say a word just do as your told and life goes by easier. But the cold weather take any thought of hanky-panky away.
  13. yep ,l,am just about to start enjoying the summer and riding the bikes again my friend.[​IMG]
  14. l love and miss ya cowboy.
  15. Damn!! I got goosebumps just readin' this thread! Winter is comin'! Pissed the summer away. Next summer better not be as shitty as this summer has been. I told the ol' man I was ready to move - to Canada! He agreed - but not with the Canada part!

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