Hope you all have a good week !

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mickey.T, Jun 3, 2002.

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  1. Lets hope we all have a easy week :)

    Come on ENGLAND !!!!!
  2. har har har critter :) yes i\'m talking about the bigest sport in the world and thats football !!! come on england!!

  3. Well that will be some tension hey mickey ???

  4. England aren\'t even going to qualify. Sorry to tell you that... They\'re on their way OUT... We\'re going to loose against argentina and then nigeria are going to draw with us or beat us...

  5. We will have to wait and see eome..i have strong hopes on England winning there group.


  6. Ya man, you know i will be watchin that one in the pub!
    is this a new Avatar i see SJ (lookin good :))


  7. I think you will find that WE WON 1-0 !!! WOOOOO HOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH !!!!!! WOOO HOOO !!!! COME ON ENGLAD !!!!!!

  8. I retract that phrase- You were right Mr T (HMMMMM!!! shouldn\'t have doubted it, fool!!!) and on this occasion I am actually enjoying the fact that I was wrong!!!

    I\'m not going to say anything too positive on england\'s behalf cos if they get knocked out i will feel like a tit... I was at work today for the Argentina-England match but i will watch the re thingy on ITV at eight... I wanna see that penalty I heard of on the radio. Beckam seems to be getting stronger- he wilted in the game against Sweeden.

    All the best T man...
  9. A BIG ^5 To England for the Victory over Argentina!! :hello: :D

    But I do have to agree with critter that Aussie rules football has got to be one of the COOLEST sports going!! I\'ve only got to see it on TV very sporadically, but REALLY enjoyed it!!

    critter, how\'re your Bombers doin\'?
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