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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by sidious, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. well i went and spend £85 getting 10 femenizes blueberry seeds from the flying dutchman, and i planted 2, to see how they grow....what they like....what they don't, and i'm going to keep a grow journal.......as i make modifications and diffrent things i'll enter it, and take a pic once a week till harvest..........just thought, i'd never seen an entire grow, from seed to harvest with pics and a journal...........no pics as yet, as there's nothing to see....lol.........Peace out...........Sid
  2. 29/08/03...... Planted 2 femenized blueberry seeds, approx 1" into 2, 5 gallon pots,with white pebbles at the bottom to allow good airflow to the roots....... put both seeds "pointed" end facing downwards............ soil type:- homebase mutipurpose compost, watered before insertion of seeds........room temperture 70 degrees farenheit......... humidity 50%.......ph of soil 6.5
  3. Good luck, we will be watching.
  4. Good luck with this grow. Cant wait til this one finishes up so I can start the next. Happy growing
  5. 02/09/03.......one seed has sprouted and is currently under 1 x 15w fluro.

    03/09/03.......second seed has germinated and is also placed under the fluro.

    05/09/03.......the first one to sprout has been placed just inside the growroom to get more light from my 400w HPS, and taken out at night, and placed back under the fluro, as the room goes into darkness for the 6 hours of it's 18/6 routine.

    Peace out...........Sid
  6. hey hope ur grow turns out great i'd like to grow some blueberry and u got feminized seeds nice. What u do with the other 8 seeds anyway u think u could send 2. :-D Would sure love to grow again !
  7. stoned people always push the wrong buttons. lol.
  8. yeah they do thc.......lol.......i mean i'd see what you mean if say for instance nyc-smoker had posted his own thread insted of a reply.......lol........good job he didn't, because if he had, i would have needed to merge the 2 threads, lol...........Peace out.........Sid
  9. hows the grow going sid?
  10. little fuckers......they are taking ages.....and i'm not too impressed with the the genetics of them, well at this stage, new growth doesn't look too good, but then it changes, so i'm biding my time, i'll get my digi cam tomorrow and take some pics, the second one has sprouted and is coming along slowly as well..........i'm thinking of crossing the blueberry with my maui.....i saved some pollen from a male, the maui males grow really fast......maybe this would help.......but one thing i'm not too sure about and maybe you'll know, if i pollinate say one bud of my blueberry, will it decrease my overall yield, or will it just be that bud?..............and also what's the chances of my fan blowing some loose pollen particles onto the other females?...........i would have thought quite high........if this is the case i'll wait till next time as i've got 5 maui's and 2 blueberrys all female........don't want to fuck it up if you know what i mean?

    ps i've changed from the hps to a 150mh to help them along, it workinbg so far.........the first one to sprout is on it's 3rd set of nodes, and it's approx 2" high........the re-veg mutant, is looking good, the leaves are back to normal....lol......but if those blueberry's had been maui's they'd be approx 4-6" by now and be quite dense, and are ready to flower in approx 30 days.............but good things come to those who wait............how's your grow going?..........Peace out.............Sid
  11. it wud just b that bud/branch. if u save the pollon in a brown paper bag in the fridge then when u wanna use it, turn off ur fan, or better still take the plant u wanna seed away from the grow, paint the bud u want with pollon on a paint brush, leave it a while, then mist it to death! it shud wash the exsess pollon off the plant and onto a bit of papper u put under the branch b4hand.

    my grow! dont ask.... ok so u asked.

    the early girl wont come outta flower. not the mom or the clones. im rooting some more clones that r still putting on buds! i cant stop the bitch.

    the NLxBigBud is coming up like a stavita, but 3inch stavitas?!? they just dont wanna put any weight on, they r on ther 5th node tho. and iv had my 1st 11th bladed leaf in a long time.

    the jack herrer is going gr8 guns, it looks very indica but they r between 5 and 9 inch and phat. stems fatter than my thumb allready. they r gonna outgrow everything at this rate. oh and u can see the little tricks on the leaves allready, its gonna b a killer!

    of the 5 white rhino i planted 2 came up, the 1 is a nice little plant, doing well in soil. the other is another runt, still doing better than the big bud tho. but my god do they smell! allready!!!!

    i gave a lass a early girl clone to grow, it got spotted in her house by a alkie negbour so i got given that back. its 5ft and in flower. dunno wot the hell im gonna do with it. it wont fit under my light.

    i was growing this lot 2 get some mother plants but the EG wont veg, the BB aint worth a wank. the WR stinks and JH is hard to clone i found out!

    my new plan is plant my other JH seeds, take some clones from the JH thats growing and put the lot into flower apart from the WR, i'll grow them on, if they turn out fem then i'll sort the stink and grow them, if male i'l breed with them. prob cross them with the JH.

    the 1 thing iv learnd from this is dont buy £10 seeds from nivarna. u might get the odd good plant but mostly the genetics r either poor or unstable. iv spoke to about ten ppl in the last week having probs with ther seeds, mainly any NL or NLx.

    im looking 4 a new seed bank that i can drive to, its gotta b within a 100ml of birmingham or in london/south east. have a good choice of seeds and b a fair price. any1 know anywhere?
  12. lmao....damn and i thought i had it bad....lol.......as for nirvana, that's where i got my maui's from and they seem fine, maybe your just all out of luck recently mate.......out of 10 i got 4 female.......not a high ratio, but good for a tenner.........Peace out.........Sid

    ps i read that indoor the early girl can take as long as 9-10 weeks i think, and that's under 12/12........it flowers under 18/6 as well i think?......how long has been flowering now?

  13. about 3mths. it buds then reveges then buds again. they flower from age aswell, this plant is allmost a yr old now so it aint gonna b cloned again, the last lot of clones i took seem to have carmed down so fingers Xd. im gonna try some "early bud" or "early misty" next year in my window, shud b a good grow if this is anything to go by lol.

    its mainly the £10 northen lights and nl xd that ppl have been moaning about.

    iv got the JH and the BB under 12/12 now along with the monster EG thats bin cut back and tied down. i'l let u know how long it takes to finish if i let it go all the way but i'll prob hack it bout 7 weeks cus i'll b wanting the space under the light and when u crop eg early its a real nice wake and bake smoke, nice hashy taste like all bud used 2b and its high and trippy but not confusing. great 4 a long drive, just a toke now and then with ur sounds going and the miles just fly by lol.

    get ya mowta runnin....
  14. Grow hard sid

    With all this luck you cant go wrong.

    I only got about 20/30 days on me outdoor girl. But it is getting really dirty like getting dirt and dog hair all over the trycombs and hairs how do I clean it?
  15. pick them off 1 by 1 with tweasers or just hose the bugger down and shave the dog.
  16. I worhsip Sid lol. Nice plants (have yet to see them) but still lol
  17. pic 1....the growroom

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  18. now right in the middle is one of the blueberry's......it's a mutant, £80 for 10 seeds......if all of the others do the same thing, i'm going to Amsterdam to see the "flying dutchman", and send the "dutchman flying".......lol.......the one in the back left of the pic is the re-veg, which looks fine now.....the rest are clones of it, except the new sprout, which is a blueberry, but is going soooooo slow...........Peace out.........Sid
  19. the mutant blueberry, i think i'm gonna have to clone from it, to get it to grow right........you can see some new growth, i'll wait till it's bigger, then clone.........Peace out........Sid

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  20. this is the second sprout, i can't beleive this is 20 days old now.........the rest of them seeds better be good.......Peace out......Sid

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