Hope this was a male haha

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  1. I pulled this one today. From what i can tell it's a male. So i guess I need it gone as soon as possible. If not I messed up Good lol

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  2. Yup, you caught it just in time!
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  3. Yup. The flowers would get bigger though. Here in Hawaii I just chopped 2 7' males, just showing sex today.
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  4. Does this mean that they are starting to flower already?? I hope not. They are tiny plants. Barely two foot tall... and They are outside with PLENTY of sunlight. Also, this was the only one showing anything that I could tell...thoughts??
  5. Ya it is flower time for the outside grow.
  6. im in mexico with short ass daylight hours and my indicas are still vegging. this means that everyone above me should still be vegging too assuming you didnt go from indoor to straight outdoor without matching time cuz thatll trigger flower 100% with most indicas
  7. They have been outside since seedlings. All other plants are still vegging good. I'm in VA, so daylight hours right now are not an issue. Crazy how this one plant, and it's the only male, started already ..
  8. I am in Hawaii and we are at about 12 hrs sunlight with the mountains in the way of the setting sun. Starting to really bud and showing sex at my place.

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