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Hope Report 6/1/2009 Green RX Police Entrapment

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by msc008, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. [ame=""][​IMG][​IMG]WATCH June 1st HOPE REPORT [/ame]

    Host Aaron Klein brings you the story of operation Green RX. An effort by local law enforcement and DEA to entrap and arrest all the collective grows who would deliver medicine to a valid patient in San Diego.

    A navy house was set up with surveillance so federal jurisdiction could be included. In November of 2008 a series of medical marijuana patients were filmed delivering medicine. Watch a collective member deliver medicine to an undercover cop on surveillance video!

    In February the DEA dropped out of the investigation after federal policy on medical marijuana made an abrupt 180 degree turn. The SDPD and District Attorney's office were left alone to finish the operation. They hastily changed the name to Endless Summer to disguise the focus. They then added some arrests for hard drugs, never mentioned the words, medical marijuan, and went with their bogus story to the media.

    Of the dozen plus medical cannabis patients charged with felonies, five of them are going to trial. Eugene Davidovich is one of the most vocal of these five. Watch him speaks out at city council for his rights. He then joins Aaron to answer a few questions for the Hope Report.

    For more into visit Eugene's website
  2. fuck san diego! this whole thing is BS, they need to get a life and follow the rest of the state without spinning things out of proportion.
  3. wow his life was torn apart cuz those f-ing pigs
  4. Yeah the SDPD came in to this guys house and said Prop 215 is bullshit and that they could take his 9-month old kid. That scared the crap out of his wife and she left. His job saw him on TV being named with guns, coke, heroin and cash. The DA arrests "dozens of suspects" but they parade out the one they caught selling a quarter of medicine.

    San Diego is bush league.
  5. It just goes to show the mentality that they want to make "big hero bust" and get to parade around on T.V. saying "we got'em folks, we saved you, it's safe to come out now."

    Lying Shitheads.
  6. The good side is at least 5 people are fighting the lies and taking it to court. As it stands now the DA is going to have to fight 5 jury trials. Maybe after this they won't be so quick to try and lay 3 felony charges on someone with 7 grams of pot.
  7. Theres so much crime these days and they're wasting their time with this? wow.
  8. It's awful how media is used in such a despicable way. Lying to the people, that's all it seems to be these days.
  9. That's all Bonnie Dumanis uses the media for. She said she was pro medical marijuana when she ran for office. So much for that.... [ame=]YouTube - Hope Report 7/1/09 - Bonnie Dumanis[/ame]

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