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  1. Hey all the lighting confuses me and with no money and Christmas around the corner I don't have cash. But I did take advantage of black Friday and get 4 CFL 23 watts 1600 LUMIEN 5000K NATURAL DAYLIGHT BULBS FOR 6 BUCKS. I have two of them in the box so it should stop stretching and start budding. Appaerently I had a 20 watt with 2700k don't know the LUMIEN and a 60watt incadesent plant bulb. So hopefully thats a way better lighting. Now my question is will it help make better bud and stronger stems? I feel that the new lights are better then the old lights.
  2. 2700k is better for flowering...they recommend 100w per plant and 50 each additional..you have 4 thats 92w so thats good for vegging
  3. most would say do not use incandescent bulbs, I would agree with them! heat output and what the plant absorbs is too low.

    I am guessing you have 1 plant about a foot tall? You could maybe bud a plant that big with 2 CFLs that you bought with moderate success.

    If your plant is more than a foot tall, I would put all the lights you have in there. (except the incandescent bulb, its no good)

    So yeah, new lights are better.

    Found some info explaining efficency
    Approximate light production:
    Incandescents: 17 lumens/watt
    Mercury vapor: 45-50 lumens/watt
    Fluorescents: 60-70 lumens/watt
    Metal halide: 90 lumens/watt
    High pressure sodium: 107 lumens/watt
  4. I do have a extremely good nutrient for flowering and I have 2 plants. Ones 11 1/2 inch and 14 inches. I don't have another spliter. So hopefully the nutrients help a lot even if I got half an ounce from each. Just trying to grow and see if I can do it. Next grow is going to have the right lightings
  5. I dont think youll get half an ounce each, theres not enough light. Probably grams each :(

    You may not have more splitters but do what I did! Look around the house, find table lamps, desk lamps, standing torchier type lamps. Rip them apart, take the light socket and the wires out, wire the wires to a plug you cut off of some other thing in the house (I have an abundance of PC power cables, I cut those) and presto, an extra light socket that will fit in your grow space :)

    You can also hit up good will or dumpsters, people throw lamps away all the time when they break, but they are never really broken. The actual socket itself is rather hard to foul up from using and its usually the switch or a wire disconnection (both of those wont matter if your retrofitting it for your growbox)

    I forgot if I answered before, but new lights are always better. yes you can grow from start to finish with just 1 CFL bulb the only difference is going to be plant size and yield. I filled 2 spagetti sauce jars (the ragu kind like 7 inchs or so tall about 4 across) with bud from 2 plants and something like 130 watts of mixed, OLD OLD CFL bulbs. (I say old cause they were used and dimmer than new)
  6. Well honestly if I just got 8th I'd be happy. Growing is not only about the getting high part. For me its the growing process that's awesome to watch.expecailly the part when I found out my California orange is a female. Just sprouted her hairs. Well only top ones. But hey its all fun in the end. Even if there airy buds, could I just make a joint? Eh either way it'll be rewarding. But I did put in a 20watt 2700k on the side of the plants. But thanks for the help and will post end results
  7. Better pic is in my other post sorry


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