Hope everyone is as relaxed as I am.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ChillingandbeChill, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. Greetings from West Chester/Philly image.jpeg
  2. Not me.
  3. Sorry to hear that buddy
  4. Glycerin tincture in the coffee this afternoon. Im a lil too relaxed

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  5. Welcome to the forums tho bud!

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  6. Yea already got a comment kicked off of here. Been here for less than 12 hrs.
  7. Really? I best be careful then. I think im always walkin that line...

    Was the subject matter iffy? Im curious

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    No scrips bro , no other drugs besides weed/alch. It's the way shit is . No need to get upset over it , focus on ganja .
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  9. Then tell the mod to listen to the rules and cut out booze
  10. Mods make sure the rules get followed. There isn't anything in the forum guidelines that says you can't talk about alcohol. I'd suggest you check out what can and can't fly here before making more assumptions.
  11. Like I said, I was just being petty. I like it here. Chill vide. No more issues
  12. I did. It said drugs. Alcohol is a drug. I guess everyone has different opinions on that tho
  13. Anyways, let's just start fresh and put this behind us. No more issues. I'm not about that stuff
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  14. lmao you guys, sup bro, one love:love-mj:
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  15. I just wanna keep the peace. Been here for a day
  16. Well your fucking up pretty well so far. Stop bringing it up and just move on. Lol

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  17. hello and welcome to GC man :wave:

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