Hooray, I smoked and didn't freak out!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AgMan, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I had to quit smoking because I was having major paranoia, panic attacks, and bad trips (literally bad mental trips). Been a daily+ smoker for over 10 years (never got panic attacks or bad experience of any kind). I quit for 3+ months now... I have come to the conslusion that I'm either allergic, have too much going on in life, or my weed is too strong, lol. I think I ODed when I made food oil, ran out of gloves, and strained it with bare hands. I had oil all of my hands and thought I'd just rub it in to my arms. I passed out for 5+ hours in the middle of the day (I never nap, ever) and woke up with beet red arms and hands. Ever since then I had bad reactions to smoking, even from a one, single hit... I've been really wanting to smoke lately, but afraid of bad trips. Tonight I smoked, kinda drunk, but didn't inhale, lol. I just took a hit in my mouth a pushed through my sinuses 3 times. I was pleasantly stoned from this! Just like old times when it was enjoyable for me!

    I'm so happy to enjoy my babies again!!!
  2. congrats man :cool: that sucks about the "bad trips" though.

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