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  1. Treble, double or single?

  2. If I'm using chicken or turkey giblets for bait, I'll use a treble hook. It's just way easier to secure it. Or with lures. Though I've had some luck replacing trebles on plugs with a larger single hook.
    Otherwise, I use singles. I usually use worms, minnows, or small bluegill for bait, and the singles have worked best with them for me. Easier on the fish and the hands as well.
  3. ^ ditto.
    Barramundi season is ripe down under right now. Who's going fishin' with me? :smoke:
  4. It depends entirely on how and what I'm fishing for.
  5. if im limblineing trotlineing or jugging for huge flatheads I use a big circle hook..now if its bass striper or whatever it will be treble hooks on a rapala jointed shad rap...
  6. As far as an individual hook, almost always a single, but occasionally a treble. Often times though I will have two tied on at the same time.
    Of course if I'm using a lure I stick with whatever hook(s) it came with.

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