Hooking up with a girl from community service!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by LovingTree, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. In the past, I can't remember a girl that was hot from community service. However, today, this blonde girl was totally hitting on me, and decided to join me in the same group!

    I'm posting this on my phone, so I'll let you know what happens :D hopefully I can get her number. I feel like these kind of girls typically get open container charges though, not weed related. A hot blonde pot smoker would be nice though.

    Any tips on how to play the game with her? We have 8 hours today, 1 Am work period, lunch, then 1 Pm work period.
  2. do what comes naturallly man
  3. I feel like she will b turned off once she finds out I smoke jacks..
  4. Am I the only one laughing my ass of at this line?

    Anyways OP, you feel too much, feelings are for women, only feeling you need is that mouth on your dick.
  5. [quote name='"LovingTree"']I feel like she will b turned off once she finds out I smoke jacks..[/quote]

    What the heck r jacks??
  6. slyly bring up weed as a conversation topic and once she makes her decision, side with hers.

  7. Thanks Dutch. And yes, it turned out that she is here for underage drinking. You know, typical beach blonde hair, tan skinned, Barbie laugh.

    Jacks are slang for cigarettes in Maryland
  8. Work near her, hold friendly conversation, maybe ask her out to lunch. She doesn't have to know you smoke as long as you don't smoke and aren't high around her.
  9. ask her to hang out after the day is over and have a few beers
  10. stop smoking jacks, have more weed money.
  11. Well get some other Jack......Daniels. Fuck that pussy hard.
  12. I got this random Spanish chick to suck my dick at a retirement home when I was doing community service!

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