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Hooked up with my best friend :/

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by StickyIckyChick, Jul 25, 2011.

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    im so sorry you went through that it sucks doesnt it. first time i got my heart broken was from my best friend and i feel like its always gonna hurt. sometimes i wished he would stop calling because i was driving myself crazy thinking hed realize we should be together. he knew how i felt so as a friend youd think he would stop leading me on but no he didnt. like they say if you love something you gotta set it free... i did and he never came back :confused_2:

  2. god i really hope this isnt something hes wanted for awhile im just so mad at myself because even talking to him about it now im still might hurt him and that was never my intension.

  3. uh no not at all, maybe for some cunts but most girls like hooking up with guys they barely know because there are no stings attached. they dont know you, you dont know them so theres nothing complicated about it. no chance to have youre heart broken but its just sex nothing more will come from it unless you make it complicated.
  4. Your intentions aren't what's the matter here. Who cares about what you INTENDED to do, its done.

    Now you need to handle it the correct way and be REAL with him. Straight up, no BS. Tell him the sex was great, but you don't see him in a romantic relationship kind of way and never will. You wish to still remain friends but if its too awkward for him, then you understand if he chooses to stop talking to you.

    You can't expect to do what you did, and then be able to go back to how you two used to be. Its not gonna happen.

    Just talk to him first, being completely straight up & see what he wants. Maybe we're all way off, only he will know
  5. OH! I get it. He doesn't have enough muscles, and he treats you too well!

    You can almost bet your ass that he's been wanting that for most of the time he has known you
  6. Yes, of course, nothin' will be complicated when you specify no strings attached.

    Why dont you just specify this with your guy? So shit doesnt start to unravel and get crazy because he's making it complicated for you. B0p.
  7. eh sometimes being freinds like that leads to stuff like that
    perfectly normal

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