Hooked Illegal Drugs on History Channel

Discussion in 'General' started by dopenugz, May 28, 2006.

  1. Hooked Illegal Drugs on the history channel on 12am-1am: cocaine; 1am-2am: marijuana times are eastern...should be interesting propoganda ill be :bongin: and watchin
  2. me 2, i love drug shows
  3. i watched it pretty interesting and infuriating....
  4. Im there, homie.
  5. fuck yea, everytime someone posts about this kinda shit bein on tv i miss the show but i'm watchin it tonight baby, n i'm excited to learn haha i know alot but not history channel alot, always gotta expand the horizons
  6. Ive watched em many times.

    Ill pass this time.

    They can be very interesting, But i need to be stoned through the black and white old history parts or its too boring.
  7. I'd love to watch them, but I just finished a half a fifth and I have to work at 7 am tommorow so I doubt i;ll be watching.

  8. ill defently see that.
  9. nice man +rep
  10. this video makes me feel like im in 7th grade history, my teacher was a stoner guy that was in a war and only showed us videos about drugs in black and white...
  11. lol interesting show. just found it.
  12. interesting show
  13. This shit is cool
  14. I am watching this shit right now. First person that got aressted for pot ever was put in jail for 4 YEARS.
  15. I missed it. Shit.

    Haha i was too stoned!
  16. i've seen them before there actually quite good...not towds the goverment at all. Makes you thing...dam they only made it illegla to keep mexicasn out....im mexican:wave: .
  17. I watched all of the coke one but fell asleep halfway through the weed one. Both were very good.
  18. Ansligner and Hearst, two more dead white guys that can blow me.

    I really enjoyed both the coke and the marijuana episodes. I never knew that marijuana laws were passed in an effort to stigmatize mexican immigrants and provide a legal excuse to ship them back home.
  19. i hate watching shows like that. ALWAYS pisses me off. They always say anything possible to get people to look down on mj, or people that do mj. They always make it seem like "these people cant control themselves" or "these people are lazy idiots that sit on the couch all day and run over little girls on bikes while driving high"

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