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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Embalmed Lenin, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Will a hooka work just as good with marijuana as it will with tobacoo. Cause i really one a pipe that all my freinds can take hits on at the same time. And the hokkas i find are awsome.

  2. people use hookas for tobacco?
  3. hookas are cool if you don't mind smoking up a lot of marijuana at one time. they're not that efficient, but sure do look awesome.
  4. Yes, hookas are originally made for tobbaco i believe.

  5. they were created for tobacco but they work great.

  6. Hookahs are pretty cool especially if you've got a bunch of people who are partrying. The way we've been using our hookah is to first lay a bed of tobacco in the bowl. Now this is special hookah tabacco that comes in loads of different flavors and is very sticky. It smells nice and tastes great (and I don't smoke tabacco). Anyway after laying down a nice bed you cover it up with your best bud. Then you cover the entire bowl with tin foil and poke about ten holes in it with a long stick that the hookah should come with (or use a pencil). Finally we light this thing that looks like a piece of charcoal but it isn't. You hold it with thongs and light it and watch as the entire "charcaoal" slowly heats up from just the one lighting. Then we place on top of the bowl and wallah...oh, don't forget to add water and ice to the hookah like you would a will stay lit for an hour or more with no help from you at all...I usually just sit watching Survivor and take occasional hits from it like a baby cow would a teet....
  7. The special tobacco you use for a hookah is shisha. I want to get a hookah to smoke tobacco. They have some at this mediteranean resteraunt that I occasionally go to for dessert. Also, you can poke holes in the foil with toothpick, needle, or anything else. The coal on top is a special self lighting charcoal. Search google for hookahs and you can find everything you need for them. I'm sure they work great for pot because it would be like a big bong. Just remember that the longer smoke sits in the chamber, the rougher it gets.
  8. HOLY SHIT! I can't beleive you've never smoked from a hookah!! It's our fuckin favorite down in San Diego. All of my roommates and I each have our own hookah. The way we smoke bud from it is we mix some shisha (flavored 'wet' tobbacco) and some bud together on a piece of foil, then put it in the bowl and smoke the shit out of it! That shit gets you REDICULOUSLY blazed! Load up a bowl or two, put on the disco ball, waterfall, and a hilarious comedy, and ull be set for the night!

    A MUST HAVE for all tokers!

    p.s. - my hookah came with a lil blue n silver hose that i use when we smoke straigh tobacco (which is rare) but when we add bud...i like 2 whip out this huge long yellow furry persian hose - appropriately called Tha Big Bird :)

    Big Burd
  9. isnt tin foil not good for smoking? or does the water filter that out?
  10. people always say not to use foil, but as far as I can tell, people have being using foil with hookahs for years. I thought the foil would release gasses which should not be absorbed by the water, but if it's been an accepted use for hookahs, then maybe it isn't as bad as we all believe. I dunno.
  11. Thanks....

    Anyone have any info on this?
    Is foil only good for hookas or can i use tinfoil for bowls if i need?
  12. Well ive always used either tin foil or the grills that you can buy, but if you go to any hookah bars theyll tell you that tehy just use tin foil so id assume its good...

    Big Burd
  13. my friend has an appartment that has a hookah. They always just use tin foil.

    Oh man! That reminds me, we once put in grapejuice in the hooka. oooh man, that was a bitch to clean out, but it was soooo sweat tasting.

    We've used all, tobacco, shisha, and weed.

    It all works well.

    However, it is true, you're gonna burn weed like hell.

  14. Yeah i thinks its a turkish/european thing...
  15. tobacco was the original use for hookahs.

  16. gimme back my name...

    alot of my friends call me big bird..
  17. Wow I read about using tinfoil in hookas before but all the times I have used one we just packed it like a bong. I could see how the foil helps conserve weed but I just don't trust tinfoil.

    The only problem I have with hookahs is when you are smoking with a couple of 'iron lungz' and you can't squeeze in an appropriate hit.

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