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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by paramite, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. How good are hookahs with weed? I'm thinking about either getting a bubbler or a hookah but I don't know a whole lot about hookahs since I've only smoked one with tobacco at a hookah bar. Also, how does one compare to other forms of smoking like a bong for example?
  2. Marijuana resin will clog your hose...just go with the bubbler.
  3. It's nearly impossible to do, and even if actually preformed, smoking with a hookah is very wasteful.
  4. Oh, and it's not nearly as efficient as a bong.
  5. You take the shisha and roll it in keif.
  6. Cool, thanks for the advice! Also and kinds of bubblers you guys recommend?
  7. hookah are great but they do take al little bit of time to prepare and get goin and if you do use a hookah i suggest puttin some shisha with the bud in the bowl so it dosnt burn off super quick heres a link to some good shisha without tabacco, nicotine, and tar [ame=] Hydro Herbal 50g Strawberry Hookah Shisha, Tobacco Free Molasses, Single Pack: Everything Else[/ame] favorite flavor plus smellls good as for bubblers i do not know other then they can be used as a pipe also and they are like a portable pocket bong hope this helped.
  8. I have a mini hookah, only used it once with bud and I was drunk as hell.

    Do you use it with a lighter or with coals?
  9. Coals. It vaporizes the THC. It actually works quite well if done correctly.
  10. Just go with a bong... Hookah would be incredibly wasteful
  11. you will waste a ton of weed by smoking it out of a hookah.
  12. Hookahs are awesome. I've smoked green from one a few times, using a makeshift tinfoil chillum like thing and a lighter.

    I definitely recommend the bubbler. Check out your LHS and ask em about it, they'll tell you everything you needa know.
  13. I normally mix the shisha with some mids or schawg and I get a good high going. I like using a hookah with a group cuz it's easy to pass the hose

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