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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazingbrain, May 25, 2010.

  1. do any of you guys use one of these to smoke with?
    i think having one would be quite good to social smoke with. the only thing is storing it when i'm back home for summer, not sure what the parents would make of it!
  2. There amazing for social smoking and the shisha tobacco tastes amazing such a relaxing experience even with out weed :) :smoke:
  3. The health aspect is just a tad bit concerning...
  4. Hey man,

    Ive never used one personally, but i heard from a few people here at the city that the resin gets stuck in the tubes, not sure about this, but after a while it could make it difficult to toke through. sorry if that wasnt much help

  5. I own two separate hookah pipes that I have used over the years. Bought one in Morocco and one in Bahrain. I've never tried smoking bud out of them... hmmm...

    As far as storing them goes, buy a fancy looking one and clean it really well, claim it is a "decorative piece". They look nice on coffee tables. Or just smoke shisha tobacco out of it periodically. It's nice, smooth, and tasty.
  6. what's the health aspect?

    i've just found cases for them too which would be handy, and i wouldn't be using it as my main device so i'm not sure how much of a resin problem i'd have, but cheers for the heads up :) i'll definately have to look into that, see what cleaning products are available.

  7. You could clean the hoses using rubbing alcohol and water no problem. Heck, Tobacco builds up in the hose with regular use, and you have to clean them anyway. I clean my hoses every time I use them.
  8. is it easy to clean? or do you need special pieces?

  9. Inhaling tobacco smoke.
  10. i wasn't going to put tobacco in there to be honest, can't you just use bud?

  11. Sisha and bud are real different... sishas tobacco & molasses... where bud is just dried marijuana flowers..


    also, I'm sure the coals from the hookah would burn through bud very quickly...

    probably better off to blaze, then enjoy your hookah
  12. yeah i knew they were different but i thought it was just a bit like a pipe or something where you could just stick bud in and it'd be okay.

    thanks for the info though man :)
  13. They are fun to use, but they burn through bud like crazy. It's better to just pull tubes then to light up the hookah...

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