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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by red hairz, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. so, who's got one?

    I do and it's like a power-hitting bong. I like the shisha they sent me with it from Sahara Smoke. It was the first time I had ever mixed anything with my weed.

    I pack my bowl and then cover it with aluminum foil (holes poked in it) and put the lit charcoal piece on top. It's the way the directions said to do it.

    But a guy at a local headshop talked like he put the herb on TOP of the charcoal and smoked it that way. That doesn't sound so good; you know, smoking in charcoal smoke and all...

    What is the opinion of the folks here who puff on a hookah?
  2. As far as I know the charcoal comes on top of the weed, just like the directions said... If you do the opposite the weed has probably been burnt already before you have a chance to inhale. So in my opinion you did it the right way.
  3. what exactly is a hooka? All Ive ever heard about them was they are a tylpe of water pipe with lots of hoses.
  4. yep, thats basicly what it is, a water pipe with a bunch of hoses, so multiple people can smoke at once. A beautiful thing it is :) Easily home made aswell, me and my boy made one out of a vase, electrical tape, and 4 peices of hose.
  5. I have been into hookahs for a few years now, and have owned two, so here's what I do:

    First, I grab a fairly large quantity of tobacco and break it up.
    Next, I put it in the bowl, but really loose.
    I pull a sheet of foil about 4x4" over the top of the tobacco
    Then, I take a toothpick and poke about 50 holes through the foil.
    I light up two charcoals, and put them on opposite sides of the bowl. I start puffing away until the smoke hurts to inhale, then I move the charcoals to the other sides of the bowl.

    I don't use weed with my hookah, because it seems like it would affect the taste of the tobacco. But maybe a hookah just for weed...

    Anyway, I enjoy it, and here are a few good websites...

  6. You never taste the weed, so here you are, puffin away and then...

    You are hammered.

    It's a lovely thing

    Mine only came with one hose. It's not often that I have seen just a single hoser. I think they are as pretty to look at as they are to smoke.

    Thing is, I wish they made screens big enough to put over the shisha instead of the foil. The foil spoils the look of the "natural" beauty of the hookah. But I love it. I can smoke for like an hour off of one bowl.

  7. They do!|622922&PRID=1188473


    Man, you guys got me wanting one of these things now. Never tried a hookah, atleast not a real one, but looks like fun. Might have to spend a little Christmas money....
  8. I got one from

    It is a nice one; a one hoser

    $35 and a box of free shisha--you get to pick the flavor

    The ones I've seen at local shops are like twice as high
  9. i just bought me a hooka for $115 3 person blue painted glass this is it below except the glass is painted i love it but the bowl that came with it is way to big so i took one of my bowls from one of my water bongs and put it in the top it fits perfectly..with my hookah you dont waste any smoke at all it just lingers in the glass base till you hit it......later

    o yea funny story a friend of mine who never smokes was going into the navy and wanted to smoke one last time he had only smoked like 6 times in his life and hes 19, so we were smoking off my hookah and he smoked 6 bowls of bud to himself , man was he fucked up, it took him a half an hour to make a sandwhich and when he came back up stairs he didnt trust himself walking to he crawled all the way upstairs on his stomach. stood up int the room and all of a sudden shouted "Batman!!!! The Hookah!!!" he had a black leather trench coat on so when he said batman he raised hs arms into the air like batman, it was the funniest thing i had ever seen, i was on the floor laughing my ass of , so we ended up nameing my hookah Batman, o ya then we turned the strobe light on and he thought he was going to die!!!

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