Hookahs with weed

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  1. So I was thinking if your gonna smoke out of a hookah couldn't you just get the weed wet than smoke it out of a hookah so it burns slowly.
  2. I will consider it.
  3. As in mixing weed with shisha, or just getting weed wet (water), or putting a honey/molassis based flavor on the weed, in the same way that they treat tobacco to make shisha?

    In any event it would work, though none of it is very efficient. If you just put some honey on the bud and then used coals like shisha it would still vaporize the bud , but it would be difficult to actually use all of it. Really inefficient way to smoke., mostly because you will most likely toast the top layer well, but since hookah bowls are so large the heat from the coal probably wont completely cash the bowl.
  4. If I wanted to smoke weed through a hookah, I'd just break it up and mix it with shisha. Using large amounts would just be waste.
  5. It works if you do two things. Mix the shisha with the weed. Layers work best with a layer of shisha on the top to heat the bud more evenly. If you put the coals partly on the edge of the bowl, it will heat the ceramic in the bowl and heat the shisha from below as well.

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