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  1. does anyone here smoke hookah regularly or really enjoy it?

    i think it's pretty fun to do to just sit in a circle and chill while you're fucked up on something to just talk with people.

    can anyone say ultimate buzz
  2. It's so nice to smoke hash covered in shisha. Chill, and a little more buzz. And SO relaxing.
  3. Yeah my roommates usually light a bowl when we are all drinking/etc. I used to really dig it but I've gotten to the point with my cig addiction where I can't get into hookah, just makes me want a cig.
  4. that sucks, it's so relaxing and such a chill thing to do, like no worries or all that other shit. sorry you can't experience that :\
  5. not on the regular but I do enjoy drinkin some brews and sittin aorund the hookah with some mates.
  6. We usually smoke a few bowls from the bong or bubbler and then circle up around the hookah. Gives you an amazing feeling :smoking:
  7. It definitely helps enhance a smokin high or drinking buzz. I remember the first night I drank 211, killed a tall can on the way to a hookah bar my buddy worked at, felt so good stopped and grabbed another and drank it before I got there. Sat down, took a deep draw on the hookah, went outside and threw up 3 times hahaha.
  8. i do enjoy a nice hooka session..

    with friends its soemthing fun to do in between bowls or drinks,
    but i also smoke alot of hooka by myself while i watch Entourage.. its just a great all the time activity in my opinion

  9. damn i love a good hookah also. ill be heading over to my buddies in about 30 min and going to get :smoking: it sure conserves the weed supply also when times are tight
  10. yeah it does lol.

    am i the only one here who loves fucking around with tricks? they are so fun, especially my rapid fire rings like a fucking machine gun haha. like sute little wisps floating around haha, idk that's what a friend said about my rings once
  11. I love hookah, I have an Armenian friend I smoke it with all the time.
  12. it's all about the persian hookahs here
  13. Me and all my roommates all spent a year in Israel after highschool. We have a total of 6 hookahs in our apartment. So yeah, I'm a pretty big hookah smoker. Its definitely nice to sit around smoking a hookah. Here are my two (along with my other smoking stuff, I took the picture for another thread a while ago), a big one and a small one, both bought in Israel.

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  14. i'm diggin the homemade, must get you ripped as fuck lol

    that small bong looks similar to a bong a friend of mine has except in a light, creamier shade. the hookahs are sick though, especially the taller ones. the chambers' color on the hookahs are sick and the hoses look mad fancy. nice pieces haha

    o yeah and the bubbler looks nice too, just enough to get you high and fairly portable although i would prefer the bong
  15. i fuck with the hookah hardbody...

    i like to take like a .8 of some haze or diesel (make sure its real dry) and crush it up and mix with the bowl of shisha and then let it rip...

    session will end up being 45-60 minutes long where a dutch would have only been 20 min tops...
  16. i'll have to try that next time i have weed to splurge out on. how ripped do you get though? sometimes i need to skip my turn on hookah only because the headbuzz is too much and makes me want to vomit
  17. In my experience shisha and weed DO NOT mix well at all. I always end up getting sick because the buzz just becomes too much after a while. Plus, the coal burns too hot and almost always burns the weed super fast, making the rest of your session shitty because you feel like you have to smoke fast before all the weed is gone.

    Smoke them separately.
  18. i only use al-waha shisha... imo it works the best for mixing with weed... i usually get really ripped sometimes to the point i gotta lay down... its more of a head high than a blunt would be... but after working 10 hours theres nothin more relaxing... well maybe if you were getting sucked off at the same time but thats another story...

    make sure you break your weed up really fine and mix it with the shisha real well... that way the weed burns with the shisha rather than before it
  19. To me it seems like Al-Waha would be a horrible pick for mixing weed with. You need something with a lot of glycerin, like Nakhla or Al-Fakher, to keep the weed from burning. Al-Waha is notoriously dry and harsh.
  20. I LOVE hookah. I don't normally mix weed and shisha together because I love shisha so much. It just doesnt feel right to me.

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