Hookah Vs Bong

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  1. Hookah:
    People Smoking At Once: 1-4
    Water Filter?: Yes
    Space Taken Up: (Can Be Taken Apart Into Several Pieces)
    Money: 30 will get you a great working hookah, and anything more than that will be for either height or looks.
    Pro's: Have A Hose, So Smoking Is More Comfortable, Harder To Break.
    Con's: Smoke Is Not As Thick As A Bong's Smoke,

    People Smoking At Once: 1
    Water Filter?: Yes
    Space Taken Up: Tall, So Need decent storage/ room
    Money: 90 will get you a great working Bong, and anything more than that will be for either height, looks, Or innovative utilities.
    Pro's: Very Thick Smoke, Easy To Hit
    Con's: May Break Easy,

    Which Do You Prefer? (I Like Hookah's Better)
  2. In my experience hookah's are best left for the shisha, it's kind of a novelty. They clog a lot, they burn weed oddly too, or I'm doing it wrong. Even a cheap little acrylic bong is preferable to me.

    But I'd have to give my nods to bongs, just because of the wider range of options, better quality of smoke, and a general appreciation for the art of glassblowing.
  3. Definitely bongs.
  4. Use a bong for weed and hookah for shisha
  5. I generally agree with the posts here. In that price range a hookah can work if you set it up right, and wouldn't clog, but the hose would get very nasty, and are hard to clean really well...even with some washable hoses, however, a bong is really made for weed, and they can offer much better diffusion, and the smoke is usually better tasting because hookah's tend to get stale by the time you inhale.
    Also smaller bongs don't take up much space, so I wouldn't really count that as a point for hookahs.
    Hash is another story...hookahs were made for that, so I would try it If I had a huge quantity of hash...just to see how it goes, but a bong will probably be better even then.
  6. Hookah has no real place, in my opinion, in the realm of smoking solely cannabis.

    So, bongs all the way.

    Occasionally, I'll throw some in with sisha, but smoking bud out of a hookah is not too great. The coal burns it oddly. Also, hookahs are designed to be used with a wet "smokable," not a dry one like weed.
  7. I Mean Using A Triple Flame Jet Lighter On The Bowl. Not A Coal....

    Also i agree about the cleaning
  8. a hookah for weed is a techincally closest to a whip vaporizer btw.
  9. Why?

    I would think that the combustion and water filter would make it more similar to a bong.
  10. because I would consider hookah smoke really light.

    When hitting a bong the smoke can become hot, whereas a vape is smoothe and flavorful like a hookah.

    I see what youre getting at but do you see what I mean?
  11. Yeah, I get what you mean--we're bringing up completely different points. :D
  12. bong.....i feel like hookahs would waste alot of bud if you use a charcoal....plus i would hate to almost be competing for hits....let me hit the shit and they you get yours
  13. Hookahs are a fun novelty and they look cool to have in your arsenal of smoking devices, but they aren't very practical. They usually have huge bowls and blow through weed like nobodies business. I don't like trying to hit one at the same time as other people. I don't like stale smoke, and they're just awkward to use. A bong just FEELS RIGHT in my hands.

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