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Hookah lovers Thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by robertoferrerv, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. I'll start by saying hi, I'm new to the forum, just a teenager from Venezuela (nice country, shitty president), here weed is relatively cheap, I get 20g of hydro for like 20$-40$, I started smoking hydro and crippy (that's like mids), I used to smoke chivo (schwag), you get like 20g of schwag at 12$-20$.

    I smoke cigarettes too, but, before I started smoking weed I was a deeply hookah lover, now I use it once in a while to chill or even smoke a lil weed there :eek:

    Here's a picture of my hookah

    Share yours!
  2. dro for $20-40 per 20 gs? dude those r like the cheapest prices for dank ever.....
  3. im moving there asap.
  4. Sorry sorry jajaja (hahaha in spanish), I got confused 50$-100$ = 20g of hydro, I'm no good with numbers.
  5. Even at $100 bucks per 20gs of dro, you guys got it cheap as hell. Here in America it's usually 15-20 bucks per gram of good stuff.
  6. Gotta love exchange rates...

    Just wanted to introduce myself as a fellow hookah lover. You've got a really nice setup there.

    Don't have a current setup at the moment... Friend broke mine over the weekend -.-
  7. Haha I love how this thread's title is about Hookah lovers, but everyone is commenting on the price of bud in venezuela, haha, I guess this is a weed forum. But anyhow, yeah I still love hookah. I got hooked my freshman year of college, have had 3 hookahs since then. I only smoked weed in the hookah once or twice, but it just wasn't the same as the vap., bong, or a nice fat joint.

    My hookah is 36" high, with a huge base, on nights where I don't want to feel stoned out of my mind, or just don't have any bud, I'll throw some coals on the stove and fill my bowl with some Purple Haze (grape/blueberry shisha), or pumpkin pie (so good). Fun way to pass the time I guess, unless you set it up wrong and wake up with a migraine that keeps you from functioning all day.
  8. Definitely not the most efficient way to toke, but I like the nicotine/weed mix. Better than a spliff imo
  9. yea his weed is cheap as fuck but obviously its not that great ahaha
  10. I never owned a hookah but a good buddy of mine has a few and it's always a pleasure to smoke some good shisha and drink some hot tea. Then roll a few of course. :smoke:
  11. Hookah is pretty tight, but hookah bars are a rip off. It's better to buy your own

    I just like the fact that you can sit there and blow O's nonstop
  12. Haha I DJ at a hookah bar on my spare time, I do enjoy it.
  13. i used to own this one but it broke:
  14. I bet things that are cheap as fuck here are expensive in Venezuela though haha. I'll trade my vacuum cleaner for a oz of some dro, deal?
  15. Ah, I thought this was a HOOKER appreciation thread. I'll be going now...

  16. Ehhhhh lets not jump to conclusions just yet. It's probably a lot easier to grow a field of pot in Venezuela then it is in America or some areas in Europe. Easier to grow large quantities = cheap ass prices.
  17. any suggestions on for first time hookah smoker? likke what to start off with and that kinda stuff

  18. Shisha
  19. Hahaha shit's totally like that, gimme a 32'' TV and I'll give you 2 pounds of danky dank.
  20. Actually met my girlfriend and found out she had a hookah too. I got mine in englAnd a few months back tho

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