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  1. I've smoked from hookahs before but i never had one of my own til about an hour ago. Usually someone passes me the hose and i just took puffs not even thinking about what the fuck they do to pack it.

    So now i need help....what the fuck do i do with this? How do i pack it? I have no tobacco right now but i've got herb.

    I see people talking about tin foil and shit but my hookah has a cap (i guess thats what you would call it, see picture) so do i not need tin foil?

    It's a cheap ass hookah, i know. I got it for $20 when i wasnt even planning to buy a piece because the girls working at the headshop were hot :rolleyes:
  2. can you try to get that picture up and I can help you? My first hookah was 20$ also but I dont know what this cap you're talking about is.

  3. Oh shit, didnt even notice the picture didn't upload.

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  4. That thing on top is a wind protector. It also keeps the heat better. But you still need to use tinfoil with it.

  5. So i pack the bowl (or whatever its called on a hookah), put some tinfoil on top, then put the wind protector on it?
    Then how do i light it?

    I feel like I'm relearning how to smoke weed haha.
  6. Don't use tin foil. Go to your local headshop and get a hookah screen. They are like regular screens but way bigger.
  7. get some hookah coals from a local head shop and put that on top of the tinfoil.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaAIeOfH6v0&feature=related]How to: Set up a Hookah for Beginners - YouTube[/ame]

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