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  1. i just bought a hookah and am having trouble lighting the coals. it says 100% natural on the front. i tried holding 3 lighters up to a small piece but it wouldn't light enough, and i read online that you're supposed to use the oven for natural coals, but that didn't get them lit, and it just made my whole house smell nasty. any suggestions? thanks in advance
  2. it takes a while for them to heat up and they will smell nasty
  3. i kept them in for like 30 minutes
    should i put the oven on the highest setting?
    i had it on broil
  4. You need to heat naturals on a burner on the stove. I use quick lights, so much easier.
  5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT smoke your herb from your hookah, it is a terrible idea.
    for many reasons
    1. its extremely inefficient because it has to burn constantly and will waste more ganj than you're
    going to inhale that and because the coals don't get it as hot as say a vape or a lighter you're not
    going to get nearly as high
    2. resin clogs hose. so alot of the tar containing thc is going to be stuck to the inside of your hose.
    and unless you bought nammors its going to be nearly impossible to clean simply because most
    hookah hoses have a cheap metal interior meaning it will rust if you try to wash it. it also clogs the
    downstem, which yes is easy to clean, but its a hassle if its full of weed resin

    I'm not assuming you're going to, im just stating the facts in case you were thinking about trying it.
    it can be fun I suppose but it's a major waste of weed, if you just HAVE to do it I'd say mix it with some of your shisha or better yet make a weed shisha you can find recipes for it online that are very indepth and it will help burn the weed more efficiently allowing you to get high but its really not good for the hookah.

    I implore you just smoke shisha out of it.
  6. i was gonna smoke bud from it
    i guess that's not the best idea though haha
    thanks for the advice
  7. i have smoked several times from my hookah and it has gotten me absolutely baked! and with coals its best to light them with a propane torch. Very very easy. And i would not use the insta light coals, they taste nasty and produce a lot of sulfur. however they are the most convenient thing ever made
  8. nononono you put them on top of the oven and heat them up till there red hot then let them cool for a minute
  9. on the topic of coals, dont use naturals. quick lights are sooooo easy.
  10. Oven or a torch lighter is the best way to get them light.

    Make sure you get the entire thing light it's literally red hot. Then let it sit before you put it on the bowl until its become a grey color. Then ash it a little and place it on your bowl.

    That's the proper way to do it, or at least how I was taught to do it. It's always worked well for me.

    I wish I wasn't broke I'd love to buy me a new Mya Vortex.
  11. tars filtered through water. dumb.
  12. ewwwewww don't use quick lights dude. that shits bad for you and will give you a major headache.

    stay with the naturals forshure. They may be more time consuming but there 100x better than quickies.
  13. just have to light it until its red and sparking dude.
    it takes awhile to get it started.
    you can smoke bud from your hookah...jjust get like an eighth.
    its worth it....also the water filters the tar so it shouldnt be getting clogged like that.
  14. Put coals on flame for 5 minutes on each side.

    They should be red hot.

    I've heard if you mix weed properly with the shisha its great, but I've never tried it personally. I'd like to hear from more people though.
  15. lol for those of you that think the water filters the tar
    take a look at the inside of your hoses next time you take them off your hookah.

    resin is tar
    resin contains lots of THC
    if the water "filters" the tar then you're losing massive amounts of THC

    and just because you can, does not make it a good idea I'm just sayin'. like yeah its perfectly reasonable to think you could but should you? not really as much as you like to believe it doesn't do harm to the hookah it honestly does shisha does it too but not nearly as much. but to each is own i guess
    yeah you can get baked doing it but it takes ass loads of herb and just really isn't worth it unless you have a lot of money to piss around

    and yes if you sprinkle some weed on a big ol' bowl of shisha its fantastic, but a straight up bowl of weed is terrible for the hookah and a waste of weed
    but yeah sprinkle a generous pinch of herb on a big bowl of shisha and you will be baked.
  16. buy auto ignite coals, when you light them be sure to hold them with the tongs and let the KNO3 burn up, and YES SMOKE WEED OUTA THERE it gets you so stoned because it burns it up like nothing else, but when we do it with mine its like a different kind of high, its so much fun.
  17. First of all, I suggest 3 kings 33mm coals or Golden 33mm coals. Second, I've found that smoking bud out of a shisha is a waste, although one time we ground up about 2 grams of some low mids and mixed it thoroughly with Al Fakher grape...perfect post blunt treat. What I do positively recommend is saving up some keif and sprinkling a couple credit card corners worth over a head. GREAT TIME!
  18. use a stove and keep it on there for like 10-15 min. then blow on the bottom of the coal.

  19. my sentiments exactly
    sprinkling some over some shisha is nice
    but a straight up bowl is retarded

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