Hookah Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by mercinariesgtr, May 28, 2011.

  1. I didnt really know where to put this so i figured i would put it here. What are your favorite brands and flavors and what are you guys smoking outta. I got a 34 inch khalil mamoon blue pear and a mya mini. I m a big fan of fantasia tobacco, pretty much all the stuff they make is a good smoke and creates awesome clouds. Also i figure if anyone has questions about hookahs they could be answered here.
  2. I've never tried a hookah I've always been meaning to try 1
  3. you should try a hookah bar, its a good way to get an intro to how good a hookah can be
  4. i used to have a hookah but it broke :( where im from almost everyone is chilling in a hookah bar every now and then... i know a headshop owner who mixes those incredible new kinds, like red bull taste, choclate-fondue etc... awesome stuff, but somehow i always wondered if the water in the air you inhale is bad for your lung... if you exhale through your nose you can really feel how much water is in the air... is anybody getting what im trying to say? haha
  5. yah but you smoke weed and thats definitely worse for you than steaming some tobacco soaked in molasses
  6. tried it for the first time, watermelon shisha.. tasted fantastic, better than i expected. put some purp in there too man.. was a fruity night.
  7. inhaling moisture is not bad for you.
    inhaling steam isn't bad for you, so unless there is bad stuff in the water, it shouldn't be bad for you.
  8. when i was 16, my bro bought me a hookah. being a stoner, i converted that shit into a bong, cut off all other hoses and did the rest. it was about a meter tall. shit was intense, i called it the "pop off knob" because it was a champ. if i could chose that thing over my current 300$ perc bong, i would.. so many memories. some bitch dropped it and broke it though.

  9. and a whole lotta nice lookin sluts.:cool:foreal though there is.
  10. also just in case you guys are hookah newbies, point the hookah hose down towards your tongue, and also let a little air inside your mouth along with the hookah smoke, and you will taste the flavor about 20X as much.
  11. good choice on the fantasia, its my favorite too. everyone likes starbuzz, and eh yeah its good but its expensive and its only really good on the flavor front, not very thick smoke though. fantasia is the best all around. the purple haze, pink lemonade, and blueberry flavors are the best.
  12. women....:cool:
  13. i love going to the hookah bar. it's just chill.
  14. damn... just went to the city to get a new hookah and what happened? store closed, damn 10mins to late :(
  15. this is what i smoke in a hookah,make a big ass bowl,put it on top,fill it and hit it.lol hookahs are the best long session toking pieces.
  16. its not really that expensive if you get it from hookah set. its 40 bucks for 600 grams. also ive never smoked pot out of my hookah, i dont really seem the point when i have an arizer extreme and a showerhead perc bong

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