Hookah appreciation thread

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  1. Since I can't smoke cannabis due to job-related reasons, I sparked up a fat hookah bowl for 420.

    Smooth smoke, endless flavors, that nice light-headed hookah stone... Add a couple of your best friends and a couple of beers, and it's just awesome. Who else loves firing up the middle-eastern original vaporizer?
  2. it's nice to smoke intermitently across a night for myself. I find the smoke too rich and thick to constantly hit without getting a headache
  3. nice/ i love hookah my boyfriend owns like 5 he really enjoys it. there is nothing better that goes with weed than a nicely packed tangiers bowl it really hits the spot and it doesn't make you smell like shit. he actually has a video on youtube (lulz) on how to blow o's we make fun of him because he has like 40,000 hits. its called how to blow smoke rings
  4. Really? I smoke a hookah to myself when I can't smoke a bowl, and I don't get a headache. I love the mini-buzz it gives me too. I'm a big fan of the flavors, and mixing them up to create custom flavors. My current favorite is a mix of mandarin orange, banana-coconut, and "super strawberry creme."

    My girlfriend is jewish, and went to israel not too long ago. She brought me back a hookah she bought there and it's awesome. Quite unique too.
  5. goddamn i love a good session from the old hookah
  6. hell yea son, what's your favorite flav?
  7. blueberry KUSH son
  8. Word up to the original vape. The hookah pre-dates the colombian discovery of america(and subsequent discovery of tobacco). They used to pack some sweet hash in those things.

    I like to sprinkle some kief on top of my shisha sometimes. Tasty and effective!

    Edit: but what's your favorite flavor of shisha? I'm hooked on the fruit flavors recently. My favorite flavor is still mocha though, i think.
  9. I have 4, love them to death, my wife and i will have a hookah about 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes would just have one myself if she's working or what not. You can't beat the flavors and putting a good layer of fresh greens on top of the bowl makes it even better. Highly suggest to anyone who like a thick smoke.

    Dose anyone add milk to there water??
  10. Milk? What does milk do?!?!?!

    I usually pack that thing full of ice, of course. But I have added fruit juice instead of water a few times, that was interesting...
  11. Milk will make your smoke way thick, don't need to put to much in, just enough to make the water cloudy. It really nice.
  12. i love hookah.
    i smoked hookah 3 hours straight waiting on bud once...i was so light headed oh man...
    plus thats how i learned my smoking tricks.
    its all about peach flavor.
    licorice too
  13. I love smoking a hookah after a heavy smoke session. I love the original apple flavor, and blueberry or egyptian guava.
  14. Heres my 3 person swiveling hooka --

  15. I frequent the Hookah bar more than once a week. :hello:
  16. Smoked hookah 2 times a day for 3-4 hour sesh's each time with friends....for about 6 months straight. Fucking love it.
  17. That thing is excellent.

    Picked up some blackberry flavor today. It is really, really good. :smoke:
  18. Theres no way that's true.

    Whats a good website for inexpensive hookahs, but still decent ones?

  19. i stand by my statement
  20. Hookahs are the shit, own 4, ones a KM, smoked the hell out of it this summer. Ran out of tobacco (4x 250g) and just didn't buy anymore, idk thinking about it makes me want some really bad! by the way get chocolate, its honestly the best flavor of smoke to me. I've tried just about everything.

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