Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by nugrugger_09, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Fuck yeah, don't know if anyone just watched that game, but Texas just took out West Virginia with a last second 3! It was beautiful! Here we come baby, Longhorns thundering on to the Elite Eight! Watch out Texas is goin' all the way baby, I can feel it!!!!! HOOK 'EM HORNS, baby, Yeah!!!!!!!

    -Antwan L.
  3. close game... texas just squeeked by..they didnt just "win"

    and like i said b4.... BC all the way... craig smith..[​IMG]
  4. not a fan of texas but i would like to see them play duke uconn

    b.t.w. texas is gonna lose next year to OSU in football, first game of the season baby
  5. ^^^ acutally there not gonna lose to osu. Even if the star quarter went to Nfl. we would still win.
  6. haha osu is gonna CRUSH EM

    hell yeah DUCE
  7. No way Texas is going to win the whole thing this year. Team comes out with a different tempo every game.
  8. prolly like florida or sumthin they kinda own
  9. texas is shit....i lost 70 bucks on that game. i was so happy when WVU made that shot and then....damn. they should have at least speared the shooter just so he couldnt take the shot.
  10. lol then they'd have free throws lol and the clock was at 0.0 anyway

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