Hoohah with weed

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  1. I just picked up a hookah the other day and really wanna smoke some herb in it.

    What is the best way to go about doing it?
    Iv heard some say use keef on top of tobacco.
    Basically I need to know how much bud to put in the bowl and do I or should I not mix it with tobacco.
    Better to use lots of mids or some danks?
  2. what you should do, is get shisha, and mix however much bud you want to enjoy into the shisha atleast 30 mins before smoking it....

    the idea behind shisha is that its moist from the honey/molasses, which prevents the tobacco from actually burning, and its more like a heavy vaporizing, but it does still burn.

    I used to be a very avid hookah user lol, and i found just throwing dry weed in lead to the weed burning very quickly and the taste got pretty funky and the bowl was just kinda not desired... with hash, you can kinda just toss hash in, since its more of an oil it works better, but i still would mix it in, or make weed/hash shisha (not hard AT all lol)

    Also, those quick/easy light hookah coals are the schwag of coals, you want to find some lemon wood coals, however they are harder to light, and burn a bit faster, but its MUCH more flavorful
  3. 8 years of hookah user :)

    1) Cover inside of the bowl with Aluminum foil (Open some holes with a needle) , or vapor. sheets.
    2)Herbs ( small pieces )
    3)Tobacco(preferred 1) Light Smoke- Mint 2) Heavy Smoke- Melon
    4)Really small amount of herbs
    5)Aluminum Foil ( open lots of holes with needle )

    I called it 5 layer method :D

    Change the foil everytime. Also You can smoke the left overs ( NOT THE TOBACCO ) :D You will get a mild high :D

    How much you want to put in it is really depends on you. I do hookah for pleasure so I put a double amount, for two people :) which is generally enough.

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