Hoodies make you bald?

Discussion in 'General' started by bp4er, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hey blades/bladies, quick question:

    Does wearing a hoodie sweatshirt (with the hood always on) alot make you go bald?
    When I was younger I always heard that wearing hats all the time will make you go bald from the constant pressure rubbing against your head, and I was wondering if the same is with hoodies, cuz I wear mine all the time and dont want to go bald.

    thanks for replies!:wave:

    Edit: just started wearing it a lot recently cuz of weather changes, so havent been doin it long enough to know answer myself
  2. No they don't
  3. Nah man. Minnesotan here, I wear my hat 24/7 throughout the winter season and my hair grows faster than neutrinos
  4. balding is all in the genes!
  5. yes i wore my hood all the time when I was younger now I am completely bald

  6. Hoodie all the time in TX??????..........

    Sarcasm- I sense it ;)
  7. I've heard that hats make you go bald, and I've heard they have no connection.

    What I think is if you're likely to go bald, if you're more gentically likely to go bald, then constantly wearing a hat will just make your condition worse.

    Kinda like people who have genetic heart problems, eating bad and not taking care of themselves just makes them even more likely to have issues, or have issues faster.
  8. alright, quick simple n easy thread. thanks guys.
  9. obviously not who came up with that theory
  10. there's no cure for bad genetics...yet :p
  11. Steezys a pimp, or pimpette.

    Madam please

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