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Honeypot Nug

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dankdrama, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I'm a first time poster, heh...So take it easy boys. Taken with my crappy 3.2 megapixel Camera Phone. So sorry about the crappy pics. But Enjoy! =]
  2. not bad. not many triches though. dont 4get the smoke report! if you dont mind me askin, how much did u pay?
  3. whats with all the leaves? how much u pay?
  4. not that bad of pics for a camra phone
    the bud looks pretty good just alittle on the leafy side
    you can cut that shit off though
    let us know how the smoke is and how much did you buy and pay for the sack?
  5. Looks like the grower cut that plant WAY early. Hope it at least gives you a decent high.
  6. looks decent
  7. Ehh yeah. I paid a hefty chunk for it. Dude said it was worth it. I think it was. 65 an eighth
  8. Looks almost still wet. Probably a good idea to try and cure it, if it is still wet. Either way, i'm sure it will get you high because it is definately weed.
  9. that bud was not properly dried and cured, it looks like it may not have been at all, I would call up your guy and tell him whats up, id be pissed.
  10. looks like some wet premature bud. i got ripped off like that once too. i'm sure it will get you high though. might wanna dry and cure it first for a better smoke.
  11. Never..... pay 65 for an 8th. No offense but for that leafy bud, you should have been looking at half of that for an 8th.
  12. It was still pretty good stuff. Yeah I might have to have a few words with my dude. haha
  13. Looks like some bud one of my friend always grows "Juicy Fruit"
  14. looks really wet or something
  15. you got ripped the fuck off.
    that shit looks doodoo
    in CA that shit goes for 25 an 8th. or 30 if they wanna be assholes.

  16. juicy fruitt hell yeah, thats good stuff right there smoked it for a while till it ran out and i had no more left lol.
  17. Hey sorry asshole but not everyone lives in the largest weed producing state in America. Many of us are limited to what comes into town, and sometimes this is the best you can get for the price.
  18. He did say PICTURE PHONE QUALITY....
  19. i gotta agree with that last post thats not really good bud
  20. leaves looks like playdoh

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