-honeycomb fumed spoon..before and after pics-

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  1. hello grasscity im baked and was lookin at my spoon noticed how much it changed...picked it up at my LHS for 40 bucks..anyway here she is before...ps crappy phone.. [​IMG]
    and one week later... [​IMG]
  2. fucking nice bro
  3. THANKS bro shes heavy for her size...
  4. nice piece man.
  5. great design on that spoon... the honeycomb is tight!!!
  6. Im really loving that spoon. Usually i dont like things with the honeycomb design, but i definitely would want something like that.
  7. thanks for showin love!! the 1st pic is on my frinds camera super nice the rest are crappy lol ima invest in a digital camera and come back when the whole thing is fumed...think she was worth 40 bucks? there's 2 more from the same artist up there might swoop em up..
  8. never mind they sold them..
  9. thinkin about purchasing an custom locally blown inline at my LHS its 125 maybe 11-12 inches i think 7 whole diffusion worked mouth pieces worked inline and bowl question in is it worth it how do they compare to tubes?

  10. Hard to give input without a pic man.
  11. ill try to find one simular on line be back bro..
  12. heres somethin super simular but instead of green its clear tubing aabout 9 inches tall 6 hole diffusion worked mouthpiece,,inline,,bowl,,resting stem..heavy for its size.. smller than 14mm bowl.. [​IMG]
  13. sick spoon. i remember seeing pics of if after you got it. i love honeycomb and fuming. i had an inline similar to the one above but it also had a tree perc. it was fun to smoke, not too draggy but it depends on what type of toob you're used to smoking.
  14. thanks for showin love!! im use to smokin out of my friends syn beaker bottom..im likin the inline cuz it dope and a 1 off piece also small wich i need thinkin between the inline or worked bub...

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