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Honeybadger Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by YoooJess, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Lets Geaux !

    Attached Files:

  2. haha word. looks good but I hope you didnt get hooked up though cause that would suck!
  3. Looks great, the strain names they throw out these days are a tad rediculous tho haha
  4. [quote name='"cripin210Tx"']haha word. looks good but I hope you didnt get hooked up though cause that would suck![/quote]

    Hooked up?
  5. ^^Either that is a honeybadger joke that is flying right over my edible-filled head, or he is just saying that doesn't look like a fat bag by any means.

    I'm gonna guess that's an eighth. Bet i'm closeeeeeee. lol. Looks like some good bud, enjoy!

  6. 2 grams
  7. Is that the kind of weed that's only for sale at 2 bit colleges with shitty football teams? Because that's where the honey badger is going. RTR bitches.
  8. mmm badger milk..
  9. I bet that dank dont give a shit. it'll do what it wants!

    (to who ever might get the reference)

  10. It's almost disappointing knowing that I won't be able to talk shit to lsu fans this year

  11. Why can't you?
  12. honey badger is the man and he dont give a shit
  13. Lsu's secondary is definitely gonna take a hit next year.

  14. After watching the championship game, I can't imagine those guys are ever going to bounce back to #1. I mean, eventually, someday, but that was the most devastating loss in recent history. Alabama set like 20 records beating them. The game was over 14 minutes in. All the tiger's spirits broken.

    Courtney Upshaw put it best..... They just got outphysicaled.

    [ame=]LSU "out-physicaled" by Alabama LOL - YouTube[/ame]

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