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honey oil/shatter... how much butane to use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CF89, May 16, 2018.

  1. ok this has got me wondering. ive got a new extractor, a 16" x 2" glass tube. it holds about 100 grams/4 ozs of coffee ground, and lightly packed material.

    how many cans of butane should I be using? how do you know when youre over rinsing or not rinsing enough? is it possible to over rinse with butane? I am vacuum purging anyways and freezing the bud and butane for a day before spraying.

    the first can of butane doesnt even get any to drip out the extractor.... what if I let that first can sit and dissolve longer and get superrrrr potent, then squeeze it out with a second can, or even compressed air maybe?.... could I get my process down to 2 cans... or 1 can and blow it out with air type deal? seems like im pulling sticky material right through the 4th can.

    just wondering whats the trick to this. I usually spray a can, then shake it so it all gets mixed up, then another can until ive done 4 cans through 4oz.
  2. Anyone?

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