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honey + joint = :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whitekush, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. so i once used honey to seal the seam of a blunt..
    how should i go about applying honey to a joint (tomorrows wake and bake)

    i think when i wake up ill put some honey on my finger and smear it on my joint.. let it dry? then go outside and blaze (cant blaze inside i got QWISO drying :[ )
  2. Honey blunts!!! I have never used it on a joint but I use to smoke honey blunts. You just take a small amount of honey and smear it evenly on the blunt. You then let it sit for a few hours, they are harsh.
  3. Sounds kinda gross I guess its better that some one else spit tho.
  4. Check out for more info. That site is kick ass
  5. I believe that smoking the honey is bad because it can crystalize in your lungs.

    Thats what I've heard before.

    How about you seal your blunt with *Honey Oil*. Theres the real solution!:hello:
  6. Sounds good, never done it though. But also in a pinch, I sealed a cigarette with superglue when younger. Live and learn, I'm sure it won't kill you.

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