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Honey Dutch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dip_It, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Has anyone tried the new and glorious Honey dutch, im not sure if it is new just in my state but either way it is by far the most delious blunt I have ever had. You have to be real careful when opening cause the honey sticks to the plastic, but when you taste it it is like smoking a sugar cane full of weed. I recomened everyone to go and try one now.
  2. ionno, they sound nice, i havent seen em tho, what state do u live in?
  3. I live in New Jersey, I just noticed them recently and not too many places have them yet. More and more places are stocking up by the day though, and they really should cause they are just so good.
  4. Eh, they're not that good to me. I don't like the way they burn. They're nasty, not like real honey at all. If you wanna taster some REAL HONEY, then try Havana Honeys (a box of 50 will run you about $60), they taste way better. You can get them from Thompson Cigar on the web. If you smoke the regular cigar, it even tastes just like honey. Just my opinion though, but I say at least give them a try. I don't even buy Honey Dutches or any other flavor Dutches anymore. And I'm from Baltimore, that's all everybody smokes here.
  5. ^^^

    Dutchies are all everyone smokes in any city, not just Baltimore.

    And I haven't smoked a Honey Dutch. I'm a fan of Vanilla Dutchies though.
  6. I"m not a big fan of the Honey Dutch, I usually use a Peach White Owl and then some honey to seal it, taste just as good............ hmmmmmm peach blunts
  7. I like those peach white owls too. you can get a pack of 2 for like a dollar fifty. Usually, I just use the royal crown wraps. they are less of a mess and you don't have to lick the shit out of it cause they are usally already moist.
  8. phillies and english coronas for me
  9. It's A damn shame, cause they're are a lot better cigars out there for rollin' the sticky.
  10. I dont know, I would have to disagree tottaly, Dutches are the best tasting, and Honey in my mind is amazing.
  11. honey cough drops are nasty so i imagine honey blunts are gross

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