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Honey-Dipped Blunt

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Nectar, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. I have heard rumors of something called a honey dipped blunt, or a blunt with syrup, and was wondering if someone could tell me what this is, and how to make one without just getting honey, or syrup all in my weed. Is it just a joint or a blunt with some honey or syrup poured on it?
  2. I asked the same question a few days ago.

    Just roll a blunt or J and put some syrup on the tip of your finger and coat the blunt or J.

    you can put it in the freezer for a few mins if you want, but you dont have to.
  3. there are Philly "honey" blunts which are just honey flavored cigars cut open... you get it.
  4. Or the blunt is sealed with a drop of honey to give it extra flavor.. supposedly it's bad for you to smoke but I don't think smoking a single drop of honey could be so bad considering how much weed you probably smoke =]
  5. LIke smoke said, you just take a little bit on honey and dab it in the middle of you blunt or j before you roll it. Then spread it around until it coats the entire inside of the paper. And I must stress SMALL amount of honey, if you get it too honey soaked it wont smoke and youll have to keep it in the freezer for a night or two.
  6. Smoking sugar hurts.
  7. When I first heard of honey dipped blunts. I went a little crazy with the honey, to say the least. The blunts I rolled probably took about 3-4 days to dry. Now there are so many different flavor phillys and wraps, that you'd be better off sticking to those.
  8. Philly Honey Blunt with a little bit of real honey on it. Or better yet, a Honey Game Garcia y Vega with a little bit of real honey.
  9. Not Honey Oil, then?

    Honey is nice, but honey oil is nicer, and would fuck you up good if you dipped a joint in it.

  10. I have actually perfected this, and I'm practically famous for the honey blunts my friends and I have broken out at parties.

    I've found that the best smoke isn't when you coat the blunt/joint with honey, but rather roll it with the weed. The last blunt I rolled and smoked I had let sit for a couple days, in order for the honey to sit. When we sparked it, it seemed like it burned forever, and by the end I was completely blitzed. All you need to remember is while rolling the weed in with the honey/syrup is to keep it even. If there are little patches where there isn't any honey/syrup, it will burn unevenly and lead to a less satisfying smoke.

    Both honey and maple syrup work, but I have had experiences with honey not working. I don't know what I did, but it turned out to be a waste of weed. I remember once I rolled up a skinny, but long, joint, and dabbled some honey in with it. I took it outside and set fire to it, only to be rewarded with...nothing! It simply refused to light, and when I kept trying, the honey just crystalized, and hardened, making it even more impossible.

    I prefer the taste of the honey to the taste of maple syrup, but I have had bettter results with syrup.

    Hope that helped!
  11. i do it all the time. it gives the blunt some taste, as well as slows the burn, so it lasts longer. its definitely worth trying, and if you dont like it, you dont have to do it. remember, only put about 1-2 drops of honey on the tip of your finger, and spread it thin and even, it will be nice when you smoke it. i really like doing it.
  12. Love-juice works, too.

  13. My friend planned on juicin' up a joint for a friend of ours on as birthday present, just to fuck with him.

    But then he realised it would be a huge waste of weed lol.
  14. its also pretty damn bad for you, when i was small and stupid, i tried rubbing a cigarrete (yeh.. i used to smoke fags) with honey, the result was an ultra long burning cigarrete that tasted burnt and gross. The filter completely blackened with tar and the burning sugar residue, the only time i'd ever put honey on anything i smoke is a small dab to seal up a blunt, and i stress SMALL

    edit: incase you didnt' catch on the the earlier post, honey OIL and just plain ol honey is completely different, honey oil has nothing to do with real honey, the stuff that bees make
  15. what my friends used to do was rest the rolled blunt on a plate with honey and bake it in the oven for like 20 mins or until you start smelling the honey and the blunt is dry..then spark it up

    you could use cognac and honey too
  16. a couple of days ago a friend of mine did this when we smoked. it made the blunt mad tasty but also sticky. and i cant believe that smoking sugar is good for you. over all, id say, sure if u have sensitive taste buds go ahead, otherwise, not worth the trouble
  17. I LOVE HONEY DUTCHES! but i wouldnt coat a blunt in honey. i mean thats just stupid really. i bet if you coated a blunt in dog shit it would burn slower, dont know why you would smoke it though.
  18. Yeah this is def the way to go. Letting it sit overnight like someone said is wassup, if the honey is coated on the outside it will turn into a glossy fuckin layer and burn for days.

    I've started mixing kief with several drops of honey n then smearing that on the outside with a chopstick and then letting it dry, it's the shit.

    heard the best way to do it is microwave cognac and honey and then paint that on a blunt and bake it in the oven on some temp until it hardens.
  19. wat my friend used to do was get just some bacardi or sumthing and put the blunt without any weed or anything in it in the bacardi and then when its wet we would just put it in the oven or let it dry.was pretty good
  20. i remenber smoking a honey blunt back in the day when i first started blazin' .But i never rolled one myself i kinda want to after readin through this thread.
    But does it get really sticky when you get to the end of the blunt??

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