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    So I'm a medical marijuana patient and at my local dispensary they offer "honey bud." I'm not sure exactly what this is I've heard it's weed thats been covered in hash oil, rolled around in dry hash, and dipped in oil one more time. Does anybody know if this is the case? I bought some and it was amazing.

    Also, I wanted to attempt to make my own but I'm poor so I had to improvise. I took about 2 grams of frosty green weed and put it in a glass dish....I had a good half oz of high quality stems/shake I wasn't doing anything with so I went about like I was making qwiso hash, and once I was done shaking the iso/weed in the jar I poured the solution over the 2 grams in the glass dish.

    The result was extremely satisfying. I let it dry for 24 hours, blowdried the weed for like 15 minutes, and let it dry for another hour. I smoked about a 0.7 in a blunt with my girlfriend and we were extremely baked, much more so than a blunt that size would get us normally. We're heavy smokers and have very high tolerances so I can vouch that this worked well.

    The only thing I can think of that would make it somewhat impure is the fact that the weed is sitting in the solution in the dish...therefore obviously it's still leeching things other than thc from the weed. However, since it's just gonna dry right back on the weed I don't see how it would be harmful, it didn't taste nasty it has a pleasant taste actually.

    Let me know what you think people! I'm a noob on this forum. And I'd love to hear some better ideas on how to make purer "honey bud"

    Edit: I didn't scrape any of the gunk off the plate either, just smoked the buds.
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    If you want to duplicate the kind of honey bud you are talking about, you need to make honey oil, which is done with a butane extraction process.

    There are videos of the process on youtube, but basically, it's a lot like the qwiso method, but using butane as the solvent instead of isopropyl alcohol.

    You can get some great results, but it's a LOT more dangerous than the qwiso method, and there is an issue with possible chemical residue left in the final product.
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    Yeah I've heard of that method something to do with pvc and 2 holes in it...never looked in to it too much. But what would be the difference between using 2 different solvents? I thought qwiso and butane hash oil were extremely similar.

    Nobody else has ever heard of this? Just one person? I don't believe that.

    So once I have the oil then what? How do I coat it on the bud?
    There's gotta be more to it...

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