Honey blunts

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  1. Coating your blunt with honey gives it that sweet taste. Is burning honey harmful ?
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    Nope itll make it burn slow too
  3. Yessir it did
  4. not harmful at all.

    blunts burn for days tho.

  5. I believe the honey caramelizes in your lungs, it's certainly not good to inhale burning sugar.
  6. Shit. I might needs cool down with all the honey sweets I've been burning
  7. I've done it a couple times a WHILE ago.

    I don't recommend it.
  8. Don't smear honey on your blunts son.

    I don't always smoke blunts, but when I do I make sure I fuck with these...


    ...honey palmas are ok too.

  9. agreed there is nothing better:smoke:
  10. Hell yeah, I'm the exact same way

    I love me a honey dutch blunt once in a while.
  11. I kinda want a blunt now :D

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