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honey blunt?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThEiLlEsTaRoUnD, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. So ive heard things about a honey blunt where you dip the inner leaf in honey or something.

    so my question do you do it?do you seal it with honey?or do you soak the inner leaf in honey?ive wanted to do this for awhile.i have about 2 grams of some nice ass weed and a honey dutch.
  2. I always did the inner, but evidently your not supposed to do it. Something about sugar turning back from gas to solid in your lungs.
  3. i've done it once and i dipped the inside leaf. after i heard though about the sugar turning to crystal in your lungs though i quit. it probably wont hurt to do it once but i would shy away from it if i were you
  4. Honey caramelizes on your lungs when you heat it up and inhale. Don't do it.
  5. so apparently... the sugar crystalizes in ur lungs bro.
  6. yeah thats a bad idea....but heres another idea now that were talking flavors.

    last night i loaded my bong up with ice, then i went and got som flavored drink mix stuff(like kool aid or know)and sprinkeled it into the top of the bong so it gets all on the ice,, not a lot just enough, then i smoked out of it and the smoke had the hint of the stuff in it, the flavor.....harmless, yet tasty

    now that may not be an original idea, but i had to mention it....try putting oney in your bong or something....idk lol
  7. Yeah apparently, thanks for stating the obvious
  8. ummm
    obvious troll is obvious :eek:

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