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  1. This may be a major fail, but I'm thinking I really want to try it. Has anyone used a Honey Bee Extractor? I ordered one, cheaply enough, that if it fails, I'm not out but a few bux. I'm a medical user, so the concentrates work well for me. Please don't everyone climb on my back and tell me what an idiot I am...just wondering if anyone has used one before and whether or not you were happy and/or successful with the outcome? I live in a legal medical state, so I can purchase concentrates, but the nearest clinic is over 3 hours from here (we're trying to get some reform going since things are so lop sided here in our state). I was able to snag some CO2 processed honey oil and love it! Looked into a super-critical CO2 extraction system, and the price tag there is multiple thousands!!! Found one small one for around $3,500 but still cost prohibitive.  I'm only about half way there to be able to buy it. Found the Honey Bee so thought I'd give it a try...warm weather is here now so I can use it outdoors and not be concerned about fumes. I realize the dangers of butane and all of the rest, that's not my question. Just wondering if it works or not! Companies ALWAYS have the BEST products...until you use it! ;) Thanks everyone! 

  2. I cant answer your question but Im curious if it works well or not.

    Keep us posted and put some pics up if it works out.;)

    Good luck blade
  3. Never used that brand but the problem I have with most consumer extraction columns is that they're too wide, honey bee included. Which means you either have to repack the tube several times or waste a lot of potential extract, which means lower yields. The thinner the tube the less waste, which translates to less repacks, if any.
    That's why I'd rather pre-fill multiple small tubes so I can run them one after the other as opposed to messing around with one giant column...blow stop and repack, blow stop and repack. IMO it's not really worth it (homemade bho) unless you've got the capacity to make a lot of oil at once. Making small amounts every week or two gets real old real quick.
    Don't get me wrong, it's fun and you should do it. It's just not something I would consider efficient or sustainable... unless you've got a couple grand to blow on a professional unit.
  4. Thank  you! That's the type of feedback I'm looking for! I really want the bigger system, but until funding improves, will have to struggle for a bit..or make my 3 hour trip more productive! ;) Any clues as to where to find one? I've been all over the net...some are $80,000+.....I'm still working toward $3500! ;) Thanks for your feedback! 
  5. I don't know anything about the closed-loop systems, I've got a vac chamber and a couple of tubes and that's as far as I've taken it. If I had the money to blow I'd buy the highest quality system you can find if you're serious about it.
  6. Another option is to make your own custom tubes. Order stainless steel tubing in the size you want, cut it up, thread it, and cap the ends.

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