Honey B, The Church , Damn Sour, Power Kush Wilma tent grow

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    Hello forum.
    This is my grow journal.
    My current situation is
     7 sprouts (waiting for 2 more to germinate as we speak)
    2 - Wilma 4 pot large
    600 w HPS x 1 (waiting for a second one in the post)
    LArge 1.2 x 2 x 2 tent
    and now the catch. Some of the seeds I germinated got mixed up and now (other than a few exceptions) I don't know what is going to come out of the seeds. It's like a kinder surprise sort of set - up. The seeds are - honey B, Greenhouse - the church, Dynafem - black domina kush, Greenhouse Damn Sour and Power Kush.
    I know at least 2 of the seed I have planted now are Damn SOur and 2 are Honey B. The others could be any combination of the rest of the seeds due to a massive mix
    2014-02-10 21.00.59.jpg
    2014-02-10 21.01.29.jpg
    2014-02-10 20.58.10.jpg
    2014-02-10 21.00.50.jpg
    As you can see in the pics the slightly older planties have stretched but have grown stronger over the last few days.
     Its not my first grow but I'm still a big newb so any advise or tips are good. Any guestimates on yield should be interesting also!
     Stay up
    Also I have a single Wilma pot with two plants growing in it? Is that ok ?


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  2. [​IMG] (1 week ago)
    Second lamp arrived so currently have 1200 w on 8 plants - as they had 3 weeks difference waiting till newest seedling are 3 weeks old and will start flowering. This way older plants will be 6 weeks old and the newer ones 3 weeks old. Fingers crossed
    [​IMG] This is a more current picture of the bigger plants
  3. [​IMG]
    The honey b has stretched up while the kush has remained short and bushy and has the thickest stem of the lot.
    The small ones (which were germinated 2 and a half weeks later) are growing at an extremely slow pace. Ph is correct and have lighting on 20/4. I am however running a 600w lamp on a 400w ballast and I read that this could mess up the spectrum? I have now ordered a new bulb, but eitherway, could the different spectrum have had such a big effect on the growth of these little fellas?
     Any ideas or tips much appreciated. I will be updating with better pictures soon.
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    Did you end up with multiple plants in a single bucket? 2 issues you may have to deal with.

    Should one of them be male (are they feminized?) you would end up having to deal with a root ball potentially rotting in the reservoir.

    Other issue you may have is if they are 2 different strains they might require different care. It could be difficult to find the happy medium that keeps both plants thriving.

    Hey are those toilet tissue rolls? I like that idea to keep support for the seedlings.

  6. Progress in good for a months time, things would have been even better had you been running 1,200w the whole time.
    Hey thanks for the reply
    ! the small plants however only went about a week without their own lamp but still they seem to be lagging behind their slighlty older sisters (more than I would have expected). Eitherway two lamps now and hopefully good results looming.
    I would ideally like to flower in a weeks time but I will wait until the newer smaller plants grow some muscle :metal:
    Also I bought some air pumps for the water tanks anyone have any idea how long or how frequently to turn them on and are there any specific times i.e. lights on or off?
    Thanks guys :hello:
  8. I run air pumps 24/7.
     ok I ran the same in a previous bubble bucket grow but wasn't too sure if I was doing it right. thanks
  10. Here are some updates. The older plants are doing well now with the exception of the honey b which grew taller and the heat from the lamp curled the leaves slightly. The 2 smaller plants (some type of kush or the church) are short and really bushy. There are some problem associated with having different strains drinking out of the same reservoir but so far it seems to be running smoothly
    In the second tank the younger plants are still growing slow.They are showing signs of what I think might be overwatering?
    And here is a shot of one of the damn sours:
    They are currently on 20/4 under 1200w. I'm feeding them every 4-5 days and it seems to be working so far. Will be getting better pumps in the near future because I have no idea if these are working well ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002NLIB2I/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
    I've placed them horizontally (image shows they should be vertical but then theyre not covered by water) and it seems to be moving the water around a lot but dont see too many bubbles. Will buy some pumps with waterstones get that fizz going.
  11. Quick update:
     tied down the honey b because it was gettomg too tall. Will do other branches tomorrow. Want to switch to 12-12 but the yung ones still seem really small despite being near 3 weeks old. Has anyone flowered so early? Any advise?
  12. Ok today I am flipping the switch and going into flowering. The small plants still seem very underdeveloped but I don't know what the issue might be. Will be interesting to see how they will respond to flowering. Will update with pictures soon.
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    Well the plants have now officially started flowering. I'm not sure how this will go with the smaller weaker plants (one in particular seems to be particurlaly stunted) but will see how it goes.
    In the front is the Damn sour and to the back is either a Dynafem Power Kush or the Greenhouse seeds Church (open to suggestions as to which might be which?)
    This is the other plant which may also be either PK or Church Same plant as above
    This is the honey b which was tied down. The top is now facing the light again and it seems to have already produced pistils? pre flowering!? Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas of what could have caused this?
    These are the younger plants that seem to be growing extremely slow. The one in the bottom left corner in particular does'nt seem to be growing at all.
    Will be interesting to see how these smaller, weaker plans react to 12/12.
     Any advise is much appreciated/ :bongin:
    this is the other plant which could be either the church or PK
  14. Well I am now approaching 3 weeks of flowering and this is how the plants are looking so far:
    The Power Kush:
    The Sativas (Damn Sour and Honey B) have really stretched and I have LST'd them in order to avoid them reaching the light
    Some of the bud production of the PowerKush.
    So far the two indicas are the fastest to bloom with the powerkush in particular showing impressive growth
    Now for the younger plants:
    Only the largest of the 3 which is a week older has started to show serious signs of sexing and bud production. The other two smaller ones have just about to exhibit some pistils. Will see how it goes.
  15. Sorry for the long delay in updates. Here's a quick one:
    PowerKush and the second indica (either the Church or black domina" are nearly ready to be cut down. They have been removed from the drip system and will be flushed for a week. The two sativas Damn Sour and Honey B will need another 2 weeks. The 3 young ones (Damn Sour) are performing as expected and will only yield half an ounce each at most I would guess due to early flowering (2 weeks on)
    The two older sativas have stretched and have had to be repeatedly tied down so as to avoid burning (although the honey B has had two bud sites burnt as it stretched too close to the light)
  16. I will update with clearer and more detailed photos tomorrow.
  17. [​IMG] 
     The long sativa on the left hand side is Barney's Honey B while the one on the right is the Damn Sour. The Damn Sour has developed some huge dense buds and still needs 2 weeks of flowering
    here you can see a side bud of the damn sour and one of the kush varieties in the background. The side branches of the kush have green so heavy that they are unable to support themselves and have been tied up
    This must be the Afgan Kush x Black Domina strain (see previous mix up) because the thc production is insane and all the leaves look sugar coated :hippie:
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    Finally chopped the two Indicas
    The one below is either black domina Kush or the church (I will assume it BDK due to crazy thc production like ive never seen before)
    And this is the PowerKush
    Tha Honey B and Damn Sours still need some more time
    Stay Up.
    P.s made some nice ice-olator but DO NOT dry it on cardboard. It got stuck there and I lost about a third of my produce
    P.S2 Ive honestly been really happy with my outcome as I could have done many things a lot better. This was the crop with 0 pk or other booster and no meds for flowering. I used hydrotop veg formula A + B throughout and as a result of a mix up never managed to receive flowering formula.
  19. interested in how the powerkush cameout...smoke report? pics?

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