Honey as a rooting gel?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has actually tried this? I have read from 3 diff. places that it can be done- - - but they all have different ways of cutting it.

    one place said make it 2 parts honey, 1 part water, and stir.

    another said 1 part honey, 2 parts water.

    ... the 3rd was the same as one of those ^^ lol dont remember cuz it was a while ago
  2. Sounds feasible but I wouldn't try it. Since honey is an organic product it would be more susceptible to mold, especially in the warm and moist climate clones need to thrive. Don't try to cut costs by trying something that someone says works and could possibly kill a clone. A jar of clonex is cheap, there is no reason not to buy it. I've been using it for years and it has never failed.

  3. Where you can buy cloning gel? i cant find it anywhere... am i not lookin hard enough?
  4. look in your phone book for a hydroponics store, chances are theres prably one in your area that shouldn't be to far of a drive. if not then get it online, theres tons of websites online to purchase rooting jel, oh yeah and even nursereys, I remember one time I baught a one time use packet of RooTone, rooting powder for like $2.99. So maybe check out your local nurserys for rooting powder or jel, I think jel seems to be more efficient
  5. I have heard of honey as a rooting gell as well. Another one is coconut milk. I forget my plant hormones, but the one that stimulates rooting is in high concerntrations in coconut milk. The coconut is essentialy a big seed, and the milk is high in rooting stimulant plant hormone.

    As stated above however, why bother. Clonex is relatively cheap (probly less than a coconut, depending on where you live) and its a known quantity. It lasts a long time as well. I have probly done over 400 clones with one bottle of CloneX Purple, and its a small bottle. Like about 100ml's. If your interested in experimentation however then why not. It would be interesting to see if you could use coconut milk as some kind of rooting stimulant in small seedlings that are sufforing because of poor root health.
  6. i can vouch for olivia's cloning gel...over 400 clones with a small bottle 100% survivial rate.
    bacteria cannot grow in honey.i dont know if you can clone with it?interesting...
  7. i found some cloning gel for like 4 bucks at wal mart
  8. i know im kinda late but coconut milk would not be a good idea for a rooting hormone,coconut milk contains a high amount of cytokinins which actually promotes shoot growth. for root growth you would wanna promote a high auxin count with a low cytokinin count. Auxins promote root growth and would be a better roooting hormone
  9. I read something about using honey in a grow mag not too long ago. And any nursery should sell cloning gel.
  10. Yes honey works as a cloning gel.
    It is antimicrobial and antifungal (notice how it never goes bad, just get sugared)
    And it is full of enzymes which soften the surfaces you treat on the cutting allowing easier rooting.

    If you truly want to go organic with your herb this is your method. All other cloning gels are labeled for ornamental plants only.
  11. It takes forever buddies tried it like 20 days and clones were not as strong as with gel

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    Check out my journal i have a honey dipped batch of clones in there..im using them for a 12 / 12 from start test they took way too long to root for what I need, like 16 days compared to the 5 days it took with clonex. Shit you could just use water if u wanted but I need my cuttings to root ASAP so hormones are the way Togo IMO
  13. Wow just saw threads from 2006 lol

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  14. LOL What the hell :smoking:
  15. Works 100%. Used with plain ol soil.
  16. I used nothing, stuck it in one of those little pop up seed starters you find at walmart... worked great. Took about 1-2 days more then rockwool and rooting gel.

    Granted I was careful to get into water quickly then cut and scrape the tip as well as split it... but it seems like people make too big a deal? I am sure some strains may require extra care but all the ones I did took after a few days to a week.

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