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    Do you enjoy the taste/experience of the physical act of smoking bud? Im not talking about the high just the smoking aspect of it.Ive had friends tell me they hate smoking but love being high- What about you?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. I love it man! the whole process is great breaking it down rolling and or packing it up into whatever I'm gonna smoke it in....and I enjoy watching my clouds of smoke roll through the room. Sometimes I blow smoke rings or get a bottle of bubbles and blow smoke bubbles. Tis awesome
  3. The act of smoking isn't necessarily enjoyable for me, however smoking in a social setting IS enjoyable!  The thing that scares me is when im cleaning out my bowl and I see the massive amount of resin buildup, I can't help but imagine my lungs with a similar amount of buildup... :hide:
    If only i could clean them with Isoprophyl :laughing:
  4. Eehhh, the actual act has lost some of its luster over the years. Don't get me wrong I will always love it to some extent, its just gets routine after a while. The good news is that's an easy fix, just buy a new smoking lamp.
  5. Whatever gets me high is a good thing. :cool:
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    The act of smoking is half of the pleasure for me....I grow my own and spend months trying to grow the best smelling and tasting weed that I can.   I grow primarily for taste and have multiple strains at once, and every time I smoke I savor the smell and taste till the last puff.   This last grow was Chocolope, Grapefruit, Blue Cheese and Black Russian so I have everything from cheesy to fruity, to sweet, to skunky.   It's no different than anyone who loves beer or wine....it's the taste and experience just as much as the effects. 

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