Honesty with parents?

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  1. Yo yo
    My mom just found and threw out a quarter of some bomb bud that I had just bought. She finds my weed the whole time (3 times in the past month) because she is suspicious and doesn't like me smoking, and also there are very few good hiding places in my house. I know most of you are gonna just tell me to buy a safe, but instead I figured I might as well be honest with her, because I genuinely cannot function without smoking weed at least once a day. Im only 17 so I cant afford to keep buying more everytime she finds it. Also if I honest I can be open about when I smoke, instead of having to wait till she goes to bed etc. in order to smoke in my house. Im just sick of losing my bud and need a long term solution. I wish she could understand that it is a medicinal thing with me, im not just some kid who sits around baked playing video games. Right now im freaking out cos I know im not gonna be high for at least a couple days until I can buy some. Would really love some advice. Thanks
  2. ok talk to her then... i mean its clear she already knows you smoke... also you have to be 18 to be here so bye.
  3. If you are 17 you are about to be removed from this site.

    The best advice is to keep smoking, and hide your weed, and most of all: be a good kid, do your school work, don't hang out with losers (who you don't like, just because they have weed) and try some after-school stuff.

    Be a good honest kid, and try to explain the situation to your parents.
  4. 1. Grab your old ps2, put it in the extension bay, put controllers on top of it so it looks like it hasn't been touched in a while.

    2. Good luck at getting some responses. Mods see that you're underage & your ass is promptly booted.

    3. If all else fails, just wait until you move out of your parent's house. You're 17, it's not that long until you will have to move out anyways. & no one should be dependent on weed.

    Happy hiding Brotha.
  5. No one should be dependent on weed, but it does have really nice benefits for people with mental issues.
  6. [quote name='"Danceswithjuub"']No one should be dependent on weed, but it does have really nice benefits for people with mental issues.[/quote]

    That can be argued. I mean recreational dependency I don't agree with, but a medicinal dependency isn't bad imo if the pros outweigh the cons for that person.

  7. You mean HER house. Like BlazeLE said, just talk to her-- she's already thrown out your weed multiple times, so she knows you do it. Continuing to sneak around her while poorly hiding your stash just makes you look irresponsible and childish in her eyes.

    Deep breath*

    *Another trick is to be 18.
  8. I'm sure a mother of a teenage son isn't straight out gonna believe that you need weed to function. I'm not doubting that it helps you alot, as it helps me as well, however for some reason parents cant seem to get past the whole "its a drug/ its against the law" thing. my advice, is dont flat out tell her you NEED it because your gonna find yourself going to meetings for "help with your addiction" (trust me on that one). Tell her how it helps you focus and do things you wouldnt otherwise be able to do. NEED is a strong word, you first need to establish why. Just be smart and argue from her point of view (how it affects your grades, etc).

    Other than that, the PS2 idea should be fine. I took an old CD player/speaker system, it was like a foot and a half wide by 2 feet tall hid everything in there; pipes bud grinder seeds alcohol everything I didnt want parents to find. Now that i'm off at college I re-fitted the insides with parts from other CD players and got it to work, and there's still a solid foot of room on the bottom of the inside left that I keep all my spare stuff in. Something like that they'll never check

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