honestly,is there a such thing as too much or max tolerence

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  1. I'm just curious. I smoke regularly, as often as possible, chain smoking or taking dabs often. Perpetual high is a thing, though requiring maintenance and fuel. I just want to know if I'm screwing myself over in the long run,I've been told if I continue smoking like I do, dabs and the like will be all I'd be affected by, is that true, how true?

    Is there any threshold type thing? I can think clearer and more in depth stoned than with coffee,monsters,it anything, but will I eventually be lethargic or something?
  2. the energy drinks will kill ya, and yes, after a while your tolerance will be so high it will take more and more just to get you even a little high... been there..  no more for me. lol
  3. It got to the point with me that I could do 7 or 8 dabs in a row, and be kinda high for like 10 minutes. I homestly didn't even enjoy smoking anymore, and weed itself did almost nothing.

    I quit for a month and 2 dabs got me so fucked up I could hardly function. Im sure its different for everyone, but the whole perpetual high thing didnt pan out for me.

    Im currently on a forced t break due to legal issues and I know when I toke up again, im going to limit myself to night time smoking only, and taking a few days off here and there. I kinda like being able to get high and not just waste weed for the sake of smoking.
  4. I think once you've become hooked on it it becomes difficult to pause and resume for a month or a week or two. I stopped for months so my first hit will be very potent
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    It depends on the weed quality.  You can get burnt out from smoking too much to where you are lethargic.  I believe it has to do more with the strain and how it's grown.  Sucks when you don't grow your own or have a medical card/dispensary to go to.
  6. Mids have put me STRAIGHT to sleep after two huge GB hits. Had no choice but to sleep.

    Anyway, I find that if you just take a couple to a few days off per week, tolerance lowers itself a good amount. Its what I've been doing lately.
  7. Motivation is a mystery. However, a fully packed bong rip usually gets me going like a recharged battery, especially on a wake n bake 😎
  8. SWED is for the foolish man. (I know. Crucify me now)

    Its should be SJOETETIAWE

    Smoke Just Often Enough That Each Time It's A Wonderful Experience.

    We're currently working on making that shorter and sweeter.
  9. I know with me, weather I'm dabbing or smoking bud. Smoking joints or bowls, bongs or vapes it doesn't matter. I have my limit where my body just won't get any higher. Kinda think I fucked my cannibinod receptors. It doesn't matter if I dab out all night or just smoke a bowl I never get more then slightly medicated. Breaks are your friend or you just screw yourself. I'm at the point now where if I take a break I have pretty bad withdrawals. Night sweats, loss of appetite, nausea all the time. Better to regulate your tolerance. Make sure those receptors don't become gorged. When that happens is when you stop getting high and physical symptoms start because your cannabinoid receptors are literally pushing on your Hypothalamus Gland, which is the part of your brain that helps control things like body temp, appetite and so on. Hence why you get the munchies when you smoke. Basically too much of anything is bad, including weed. Medicate as needed. No more. And of course no less!
  10. I do, I just am waiting for next month

    I have Sativa to help and indica in both bud and shake, at medical level or dispensary....

    I just don't want to have to stop smoking for medical reasons. Being stoned AF is nice, but I wonder at the medicinal calm. I don't really understand the tolerance agenda

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