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honestly, how bad is butane?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bitch I'm In It, May 23, 2010.

  1. I always hear people talk about how bad butane is for your body. I have been smoking for 2 years now and have only used bics. Am I causing my body a lot of harm? :confused:
  2. naw, its not that bad, all i ever use is bics too. if you wanted to get really serious i'd recommend a soldering iron. :bongin:
  3. i use bic to. (the official lighter of stoners everywere) and if you decide to use something "safer" go wit a hempwick. but ive been smoking for years using bic and its dont nothing to me.
  4. I hear bee-line is nice, never tried it though. I don't think butane is as much bad for you as it just sucks to inhale.
  5. Honestly, I've been meaning to get beeline. I really don't want to be inhaling as much butane as I do. I seem to get headaches from inhaling too much.
  6. Educate Yourselfs:

    Google First

    By inhalation : Negligible hazard at ambient/normal temperatures. Breathing saturated vapours for a
    few minutes may be fatal. Saturated vapours can be encountered in confined spaces
    and/or under conditions of poor ventilation. May cause irritation, breathing failure,
    coma and death without any warning odour being sensed. Avoid breathing vapours,
    mists or fumes.

    Acute : Butane has very similar properties to Propane, a summary of which follows:
    At very high levels, propane has narcotic and asphyxiating properties and cases of “sudden
    death” have been documented in which propane and propylene were identified in blood,
    urine and cerebrospinal fluid. Animal inhalation studies indicate a gas concentration of
    89% to be below the anaesthetic level, but to depress the blood pressure of cats. 1%
    propane causes hemodynamic changes in dogs; 3.3% decreased inotropism of the
    heart, decreases the mean aortic pressure, stroke volume and cardiac output, and
    increases pulmonary vascular resistance. In the primate, 10% propane induces some
    myocardial effects, and 20% aggravation of these parameters and respiratory
    depression. 10% propane in the mouse and 15% in the dog appear to produce no
    arrhythmia but weak cardiac sensitization. Ref: Patty's Industrial Hygiene and
    Toxicology, 3rd Ed, G. Clayton and F. Claytons (ed's), A Wiley-Interscience Publication,
    Vol. IIB. Pp 3181 – 3182
  7. Those are some high concentrations. Context is important - you're definitely not inhaling anywhere near those concentration when you smoke. This reminds me of some of the earlier studies that led to the ban of marijuana. I can't recall the exact doctor who carried out these now defunct studies, but basically they put a bunch of chimps in a room, filled it with marijuana smoke to the point where they suffocated and died, then claimed it was bad for you.

    I'm not saying that butane isn't bad for you, just that those numbers seem high. I agree - too much butane definitely gives me a headache, and I'm sure long term exposure isn't doing anything good for you. I would assume though that tars from unfiltered marijuana smoke would be much worse for you in the long run compared to the actual butane. To be fair, burning beeline is still not great for you because you're still inhaling burning materials and products of incomplete combustion, though I'd bet it's better than butane.

    The moral of my post - if you're concerned about your health, then don't smoke it. It's no secret inhaling smoke leads to increased risk for cancer, heart disease, and smoke. Even vaporizers show some increased incidence, though significantly lower than smoking it. But that's the name of the game - it's risk versus reward. If you like to get high, you usually accept these risks, but you can't just ignore them.

    On a lighter note... check this out, that post made me think of this

    Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide

    Go ahead and read some of those. Then laugh because everything on that site is true - and it's all talking about good ol' fashioned water.
  8. hmm right right, but bottom line butane is a hydrocarbon, and is not completely combusted coming out of a bic, and even a small amount of butane is amplified if several hits are taken over a short period of time. So in my book that means people who are worried about their lungs need to get some hemp lighters.

  9. anyone worried about there lungs needs to tnoottt e a dumbass cancer partient irish carwasher and not smoker weed tobaccoc good weed nad hein in my askhole susse you gotta ask
  10. i mean, bic are made to light smokes what ever your choice....
    cig, joints, blunts, cigars, etc

    how bad could it really be???

    inhaling combusted plant material can't be good on the lungs
    seems just slightly hypocritical

    but what the hell do i know?
    i didn't do any research....
  11. i just don't like the taste of butane
  12. Whenever I'm lighting up a bowl I try to use the lighter as little as possible, just keep it there for a second and then let the cherry keep burning as long as possible. I've never felt any effect from breathing in butane from lighters.
  13. Buy a torch lighter and use premium filtered fuel if you're really worried about it.

    Yeah, it's still butane, but the higher-end fuels burn much cleaner, and it's considerably hotter, so you don't have to put flame to bud for very long at all.

    I think that's what this boils down to. Anyone concerned about their lungs shouldn't be smoking weed or tobacco anyways. In the end, it's pick your poison.

  15. hahahaha thats so absurd

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