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Honestly, are the munchies beatable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Like A Cat, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hello, everyone.

    I am new to this site, but not new to cannabis. I have been smoking for a little over 4 years now, but it's been an every day occurrence as of late. I've never really noticed how truly terrible the munchies are until recently. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to eat while I am high, but that's the shitty thing -- I don't want to turn into some mammoth. No joke, we literally ate everything in my friend's house on 4/20. He had just went grocery shopping, too. I can combat the munchies for a few hours, but if I am high for very long, the munchies soon take over and I am basically fucked for the rest of the night.

    Not only do I not want to become a mammoth, I hate that eating kills my high. I can be ripped out of my mind, unaware of who I even am, then eat 3,000 calories worth of food and everything goes downhill. My stomach hurts, I am not nearly as high, and worst of all, I am extremely tired because of how uncomfortably full I am. I have tried a lot of techniques, none of them have really worked. I have eaten a large meal BEFORE smoking, AFTER smoking, WHILE smoking, but it appears that the TIME that I eat has no influence on whether or not the munchies are going to dominate my night. I have brushed my teeth, gargled mouth wash, chewed gum, drank water, but nothing has worked yet.

    The only real conclusion that I have come up with is that if I even try a nibble of anything while high, it's all over for me. I can drink as many liquids as I want and be fine, but the second I put some sort of solid into my mouth I am going to go on a rampage and eat the entire house.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand: How do you beat the munchies, if they are even beatable?

    Please, bless me with your tips and tricks to avoid the munchies. I do love eating while high, but I don't want to weigh 800 pounds, and I also hate that it kills my high. It makes me feel tired and shitty.

    So, what do you do to avoid the munchies? I told you what I've tried. Let's hear what you've got to say.

  2. I found that constantly drinking during a smoking session took away my need for some immediate munchies. I would suggest getting a favorite non-carbonated drink(this will just remind you of what goes best with sodas-fast food) and just sipping on it while you smoke. I found that this took away my cotton mouth and quelled my hunger a little. Water is too bland for this, so find some good like a gatorade or in my case a Snapple Peach Tea which I found is randomly the best high drink :D

    Good luck man :smoking:
  3. This rings so true but I think that the munchies are beatable. If I'm planning to get stoned enough for the munchies to be a problem I just eat little and often. Being outside can help a lot seeing as you don't have a room full of food right next to you. Do some sport - running or basketball or soccer or whatever's appropriate - before or during your sesh.

  4. I will have to try that. That's one thing that I have noticed about drinking anything, it reminds you of how awesome it goes with food, hahaha. So far, sticking to liquids doesn't keep the munchies at bay long enough. It also doesn't help that my friends are classic-fucking-stoners. The second after we're done smoking a bowl they all scatter for the kitchen.

    One night we decided we were going to wait until the next morning to go grocery shopping, that way we wouldn't have food in the house to devour while high. It was a complete failure. We got stoned out of our minds, immediately went downstairs in search of food, but found nothing. For a few hours we were able to relax and control the munchies, but as the night wore on, we found ourselves piled into my friend's car, driving to the gas station for snacks. Fuck my life.
  5. exercise?
    munchies are awesome when u got a fast metabolism like me :smoke:
  6. have something quite rich like honey, normally i just have 3 or 4 spoonfulls and just feel sick
  7. oh man, i know the feeling. never been able to beat the munchies myself. i always find myself thinking "alright you've had a full bag of chips, 2 bags of popcorn, and 3 easy macs, DO NOT eat the leftover chinese food!" 20 minutes later... "i'm hungry... let's see what's in the fridge. SWEET! chinese food!"

    the worst part is, once i smoke i pretty much have the munchies for the rest of the day, even when i'm not high. it just doesn't make sense.
  8. I use to get the munchies all the time when I started smoking, but now I never get them. Either I don't get them anymore, or I've learned to control them. I still get them sometimes, but it's pretty rare nowadays.
  9. honestly if i just focus all my attention on something else the thought of eating wont even cross my mind. one time i had a whole plate fo food and was about to eat it but then i started gaming and totallyt forgot
  10. #10 cannabis, Apr 22, 2010
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    Simple, pile up on carbs before you smoke. Drink a lot of water.

    Wish i had your problem, i'm trying to bulk up right now and junk food doesn't do the job fast enough...

  11. Lmao!
    That's hilarious.

    I know what you mean. I try and tell myself that it's just the drug that's making me feel hungry, but it doesn't help. Waking up the next morning is the worst feeling imaginable. All you can do is think about how big of a fat ass you are. Hahaha. It's sad when you can have a terrible case of the munchies, go to sleep, then wake up and your breakfast STILL tastes like it does when you're high -- awesome as fuck. That's right. I have had the munchies the NEXT MORNING. It's sad, but true.
    - ONLY KEEP REALLY HEALTHY SNACKS(like little carrots)

  13. I know exactly were you are going from. I have always been a big kid. And when I started smoking I debt wanna get bigger cause I was already aroud 280. But I don't look it at all. But that's besides the point. I would eat do much when I first started to smoke, and nothing would happen. I stayed right around the same weight. But eventually I started to loose some wieght, which really suprised me. But now I don't really eat when I am high. And I usually eat like 1 or 2 meals a day, which is completly different than how I use to eat. So to answer your question, yes the munchies are beatable. I find that if I chew gum when I am high I don't get very hungry at all. Or if I just don't eat, the hunger goes away. Buri have also noticed that if I start to eat, and I at home or some place with lots of food, I will just keep eating and eating. So I found that if I just don't eat in the first place, it goes away. Or eat something healthy, peanutbutter + apple+ raisines= heavenly when high. Sours apples are the best. Now I'm just starting ramble, sorry I ate a firecracker of dank and I tend to go on and on when I'm zoot. So, I hope this helped atleast a little. Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions.
    P.S. It was a bitch to type this on my iPod touch

  14. Hahah, I was wondering why there were so many typos. :p

    Anyway, yeah, I found that out the hard way. I told myself last night that I was ONLY going to eat my portion of dinner, brush my teeth, play some CoD, then go to bed. It didn't happen like that. I ended up eating my dinner, then some cereal, then a sandwich, then some ice cream, THEN I brushed my teeth, played some CoD, had some more Ice Cream, brushed my teeth again, THEN went to bed. Hahaha.

    Really, I am not the type of stoner who can just eat a LITTLE. I just need to accept that fact that when I smoke, I can't eat shit. If I do, I will just eat and eat and eat.

    Thanks for the advice.

  15. Hahaha my bad on the typos. No problem on the advice. But I use to do exactly what you just said with the dinner, cereal and them more and more shit. Except I did that web I was sober before I started to puff. Since I have started to smoke, it seems like I have learned how to control my eating habits better. It's really wierd, I would have thought it would be the other way around
  16. #16 Tha Professor, Apr 22, 2010
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    Honestly, I just started to eat less and less when I was high.

    Eventually, I got to the point where munchies kind of unnecessary.
    I'd suggest trying that, see where it takes you.
  17. glass of water should do it, then distract yourself with other things. if need be, stock ur fridge with grapefruits or celery or something
  18. If you have been smoking for 4 years and still get the munchies idk what to tell you.

    I smoke tough everyday of my life and I don't even get hungry at all I will eat but i don't get the "munchies" anymore.

  19. Yeah, bro, you truly are one of the lucky ones. I am glad you're getting your eating habits under control. It's nice to hear that you're losing weight and feeling healthy, too! I just hope that, one day, I can conquer the munchies. I smoke for the high, not the gut. It pisses me off the my favorite activity has to be associated with eating. I can't even enjoy a bowl without rampaging through my kitchen.
  20. Mind over matter.

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