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Honest Edible dosage

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ZeusMan, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. So I have been trying to make edibles for my wife at home. With edibles purchased from various reputable dispensaries (in several states) she can consume 100 mg+. With the edibles we make at home 30-50 mg puts her out for a day+.

    We have tried using early harvest cannabis, both directly extracted into butter and hash dissolved in butter. The cannabis is home grown not lab tested but we figure there is no possible way trim is much over 20% thc or that the hash tops 90%. Does every dispensary vastly overstate the dosage or is there something I’m mossing that is making these edible super strength?

    All we are doing is hash dissolved into butter in double boiler or trim in filter bags in butter. This also happen when we use tested RSO to make edibles. Her honest dose seems to be under 20 mg. How is it dispensary edibles have such a dosing diference?
  2. Welcome to the lying BS of dispensary edibles. I've yet to feel so much as a twinge from any store edibles but my own edible Kief oil can rip my head clean off.
    Even the store edibles with Lecithin listed as an ingredient don't have any strength so like you either my numbers are WAY off or theirs are.

    My home grown = 15% THC estimated.
    My dry ice Kief = 50% THC estimated
    Dispensary wax and shatter 90-100% THC tested

    Most hash is 40% range depending on how it's produced.
    Top shelf weed can run 25%

    1 of my Kief capsules works out on paper at 80mg and they light me up just right. 2 100mg chocolate bars and I got nothing at all from them.
    What I work with.
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  3. Ya, dispensary edibles suck. So many of us make our own because of that very reason. For consistent edibles you need a consistent decarb. One tried and true way that we use here is 240*F for 40 minutes, thats it. Its ready to use and as potent as it will get. The most important part, DONT FUCK WITH IT WHILE ITS DECARBING. Once its done in the oven, let cool, grind fine, mix in any recipe you like, bake as directed, enjoy.

    You can even keep some decarbed ganja, ground fine, in a little pill bottle and use as needed for single edibles like hot coco or fire crackers. No more dispensary bullshit.
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  4. Mostly I’m trying to get a sense of what an actual average dosage is, 5-10 mg?
  5. I think there are people much more experienced than me, but I personally aim for around 5mg to start. I have tried dispensary edibles and it seems I can take as much as 75-100mg.
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  6. I’m just surprised every dispensary really lies to that level. The first time we made edibles 70-100 mg put her out for almost 3 days. 25-45 mg was much better but still too strong. So every dispensary is really lying by a factor of 3-4?
  7. I'd go in 10mg increments
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  8. I'm wondering if they really test their edibles. Wish I had more info. It just seems that the consensus is that (if made properly) edibles at home is much more potent and consistent.
  9. +1 for most all dispensary edibles are wastes of time and money

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